Biden: By supporting Ukraine, we keep US troops out of the war

US President Joe Biden emphasizes that US support for Ukraine keeps US troops out of the war if Russian aggression spreads further. This is stated in an extensive article by Biden in The Washington Post.

“We know from two world wars in the past century that when aggression in Europe goes unanswered, the crisis does not burn itself out. It draws America indirectly. That’s why our commitment to Ukraine today is an investment in our own security. It prevents a broader conflict tomorrow. We are keeping American troops out of this war by supporting the brave Ukrainians defending their freedom and homeland. We are providing them with weapons and economic assistance to stop Putin’s drive for conquest, before the conflict spreads further”.

US President Joe Biden

At the beginning of the article, the American leader emphasized that the world is facing an inflection point. The choice that will be made in response to the war in Ukraine and the Middle East will determine the direction of the future for generations to come. Joe Biden emphasized that the world expects the United States to solve the problems of our time.

“That is the duty of leadership, and America will lead. If we walk away from the challenges of today, the risk of conflict could spread, and the costs to address them will only rise. We will not let that happen. That conviction is at the root of my approach to supporting the people of Ukraine as they continue to defend their freedom against Putin’s brutal war.”

US President Joe Biden

Joe Biden wrote in his column that both Putin and Hamas are fighting to wipe out a neighboring democracy. The US President noted that both Putin and Hamas hope to destroy broader regional stability and integration and to capitalize on the chaos that this will provoke.

“Both Putin and Hamas are fighting to wipe a neighboring democracy off the map. And both Putin and Hamas hope to collapse broader regional stability and integration and take advantage of the ensuing disorder. America cannot, and will not, let that happen. For our own national security interests — and for the good of the entire world”.

US President Joe Biden

The US President added that Americans cannot stand by “when hatred rears its head.” He noted that at a time of so much violence and suffering – in Ukraine, Israel, Gaza and many other places – it is hard to imagine that anything else is possible.

However, he emphasized that Americans should always remember the lesson they have learned over and over again throughout the country’s history: “Out of great tragedy and upheaval can come great progress, more hope, more freedom, less anger, less discontent, less war”.

“We must not lose our resolve to pursue those goals because now is when clear vision, big ideas and political courage are needed most. That is the strategy that my administration will continue to lead — in the Middle East, Europe and around the globe. Every step we take toward that future is progress that makes the world safer and the United States of America more secure”.

US President Joe Biden

He emphasized that every step Americans take toward the future is progress that makes the world safer and the United States more secure.

Joe Biden was addressing Americans against the backdrop of articles about the war in Ukraine and the counteroffensive in the world’s leading media, which have become pessimistic and sometimes speculative. The Economist had written an article a few days earlier with a loud headline that Russia’s war against Ukraine could last up to 5 years. And it cited Western officials who explained where this figure came from.

The war in Ukraine is the largest in Europe since 1945, and it shows no signs of ending. Western officials claim neither Russia nor Ukraine is ready to give in but are “unable to break the deadlock.” The publication journalists assert that the problem is that America cannot arm itself and its allies simultaneously.

The New York Times in its article describes “the split between Zelenskyy and Zaluzhnyy”. The article’s author Andrew Kramer worked for a long time in Moscow, while his article fits claims spread by the Kremlin media. Pro-Russian narratives have been noticed in his articles by Detector Media.

Coincidentally, the Kremlin began to spread an identical thesis by creating a clone site for RBK-Ukraine at the same time. This is not the first time Russia has launched an information campaign about a “split between Zaluzhnyy and Zelenskyy”. The Kremlin launched similar social media campaigns back in May 2023.

Earlier, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was on the front page of Time. This article by journalist Simon Shuster claims that only the President of Ukraine allegedly believes in Ukraine’s victory in the war with Russia. And that this belief allegedly prevents Kyiv from starting negotiations with the Kremlin after the “failure” of the summer counteroffensive, Shuster wrote.

Almost twenty months of full-scale war have passed, and a fifth of Ukraine’s territory remains occupied by Russian invaders. Ukraine suffers losses among the military and civilians. Zelenskyy said that despite this, he feels that global interest in the war in Ukraine has fallen, as has international support. According to him, the worst thing is that part of the world has gotten used to it.

The president’s entourage told Shuster that he probably feels betrayed by his Western partners, but no one will give up the fight. Zelenskyy’s appeal to Washington – “help Ukraine stop the war before it spreads and before it’s too late” – remains unchanged.

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