Climate change threatens ski resorts in Europe

Climate change threatens the future of European ski resorts due to a lack of snow.

This is evidenced by a study published by Nature Climate Change.

According to the study, about half of all European ski resorts will face a high risk of snow shortages if global warming increases the global average temperature by two degrees Celsius.

At the same time, the researchers note that artificial snow machines will only partially compensate for the lack of natural snow in a warming world.

Under a scenario with a three-degree Celsius temperature rise this century, 91% of European ski resorts will be at risk of a lack of snow for winter sports.

The publication indicates that if global warming reaches four degrees, almost all ski resorts on the continent risk facing a shortage of snow.

If global efforts to combat climate change succeed in limiting the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees – the target set out in the Paris Climate Agreement – only 32% of ski resorts will be at high risk of snow shortages. This proportion could be limited to 14-26% by artificial snow, the study concludes.

Europe is the main centre of skiing on the planet, with about half of the world’s ski resorts. The study looked at 2,234 resorts in 28 European countries. According to the study, the Alps resorts will be particularly hard hit.

Earlier, it was reported that winemakers will lose thousands of hectares of vineyards in the French region of Bordeaux due to reduced demand and difficulties caused by climate change.

At the same time, Finland wants to seek EU recognition as a wine-producing country, as climate change has made it possible to produce wine in the Scandinavian countries.

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