European Commission “is working around the clock” to close loopholes for Russia’s sanctions evasion

The EU vows not to allow third countries to circumvent sanctions against Russia. The European Commission says it is working “around the clock” to close possible loopholes that allow Russia to circumvent sanctions by supplying components needed to manufacture weapons used in the war against Ukraine.

The European Commission is making sure that there is no evasion of EU sanctions against Russia by third countries, said European Commission representative Daniel Sheridan Ferrie.

“We do not stop our efforts to prevent the export (to Russia) of ammunition or goods entering the places of hostilities. We are working diligently to ensure that our sanctions cannot be circumvented by third countries. We see that some products can go to a third country and then end up in Russia and then on the battlefield in Ukraine. That’s why we are working around the clock to ensure that these goods, the so-called battlefield goods, are not re-exported to Russia through third countries.”.

Daniel Sheridan Ferrie, European Commission representative

At the same time, Ferrie noted the work of the EU Special Envoy for Sanctions, David Sullivan, who visits these third countries.

“We have seen some positive signs in some of these third countries. But the circumvention of our sanctions is something that is happening, so we are working around the clock to eliminate it. The representative of the European Commission stated that part of the sanctions specifically target the Russian military-industrial sector in an effort to reduce their military capabilities in Ukraine.”

Daniel Sheridan Ferrie, European Commission representative

Ferrie reminded us that the main purpose of the EU sanctions against Russia is to undermine its military capabilities and affect the revenues that finance the war in Ukraine.

“That’s why we have adopted quite a few different packages of sanctions, including an export ban, and different ways in which we can reduce Russia’s ability to access technology and reduce its military capabilities,” the representative of the European Commission added.

The European Commission spokesman noted that the facts of circumvention of sanctions are known, and the EC is “working around the clock to avoid this.”

In 2022-2023, the EU has adopted 12 sanctions packages against Russia to penalize Putin’s regime for its criminal war against Ukraine.

However, so far, Russia has managed to find ways to circumvent sanctions, including trade routes via third countries like China, the UAE, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Georgia, according to various reports and journalist investigations.

The 12th package of EU sanctions aims at blocking all sanctions evasion schemes and introduces sanctions against Russia’s diamond production. Nevertheless, Brussels will need to ensure that the sanctions are implemented and prevent potential evasion schemes, with a special focus on the countries that were caught helping Moscow circumvent trade restrictions.

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