European Parliament’s resolution calling to support Ukraine with weapons until victory

The European Parliament has overwhelmingly adopted a resolution calling on EU states to support Ukraine with weapons in the necessary quantities “until victory.”

451 deputies voted in favor, 46 voted against, and 49 abstained. 

Call for greater investment in the European defense industry to aid Ukraine

In the text, MEPs emphasize that the main goal of supporting Ukraine should be for it to win the war, because a different outcome is fraught with serious consequences, as other authoritarian rulers who are thinking about using force to achieve their goals will draw conclusions from the outcome in Ukraine. 

The MEPs emphasize that in order for Ukraine’s victory to be possible, there should be no “self-imposed restrictions” on military assistance to Ukraine, and the European Parliament considers it necessary to provide Kyiv with everything it needs to eventually regain control of all Russian-occupied territories.

Call to provide Ukraine with more long-range missiles to counter Russian invasion

To this end, they called for greater investment in the European defense industry and accelerated production so that EU countries can provide Ukraine with everything it needs and replenish its stockpiles. The report mentions long-range Taurus, Storm Shadow/SCALP missiles, artillery and ammunition, drones, and anti-drone capabilities.

The EU and NATO countries are urging Ukraine to spend at least 0.25% of their GDP annually on military support. 

European manufacturers should prioritize supplying weapons to meet Ukraine’s needs over contracts with third countries, as emphasized by the deputies.

Additionally, they call on the U.S. House of Representatives to finally approve a military assistance project for Ukraine. 

European Parliament condemned countries and firms that help Russia circumvent sanctions

In this resolution, the European Parliament members condemned countries, companies, and individuals that help Russia circumvent sanctions. Moscow purchases banned goods via middlemen, including electronics used in the Kremlin’s weapons production. The European Parliament emphasized that the EU should criminalize this.

The resolution also calls for the creation of a reliable legal mechanism for the use of Russian assets frozen in the EU for the reconstruction of Ukraine and for those affected by the war.

According to the communiqué, Russia must pay the imposed reparations in order to make a significant contribution to Ukraine’s reconstruction.

Call for embargo on more of Russian products

The deputies called on the EU to maintain the existing sanctions against Russia and Belarus and expand them, in particular to ban the import of Russian uranium and metallurgical products, to stop any nuclear cooperation with Russia, and to impose a complete embargo on the import of Russian agricultural products, fish and seafood, and fossil fuels, including liquefied natural gas. 

The resolution declares a position but is not a legally binding document.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has once again stated that Berlin cannot follow the UK and France in sending long-range weapons to Ukraine.

After that, various politicians and leaders in Germany and other countries, including the chairman of the Munich Security Conference, attempted to persuade him through a series of statements.

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