Europeans support the EU response to energy crisis – survey

Over 80% of Europeans believe that the EU-level initiatives to mitigate the impact of high energy prices in 2022-23 are important, and support further reducing dependence on Russia and using resources more efficiently.

This is evidenced by the latest results of the Eurobarometer survey conducted in the last week of August in all EU member states.

86% of respondents believe that last year’s initiatives at the EU level to mitigate the effects of rising energy prices on households and businesses are essential.

The same number of respondents support the economical consumption of natural resources.

82% support the idea of joint purchases of gas by EU countries to ensure greater security of energy supplies.

81% support building partnerships in the energy sector with friendly countries such as the UK, the US, Japan, and Australia.

80% support reducing trade dependence on countries such as Russia and China.

85% believe that the EU should stimulate the development of green technologies in its member states and 79% believe that energy consumption should be further reduced.

75% support EU funding for joint strategic projects to develop defence capabilities.

In addition, 85% of respondents believe that Russia’s war against Ukraine has demonstrated the need for the EU to take better care of its energy and economic security, and 75% believe that the war has demonstrated the need for greater military cooperation between the EU member states.

In total, more than 26,500 respondents in 27 EU member states were interviewed online; the EuroBarometer survey was conducted on 24-31 August.

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