France’s military trained 6 thousand Ukrainian soldiers in 2023

France has helped train six thousand Ukrainian soldiers as part of the plan for this year. French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu said this in an interview with Var Matin.

“France obviously continues to support Ukraine. On various fronts, particularly the land component, which enables Ukraine to carry out its counteroffensive. This is true in terms of artillery with Caesar’s guns. It’s also true of light armoured vehicles with AMX-10 RCs and VABs. But it’s also true regarding ammunition because this counteroffensive is consuming large quantities. For example, every month, we deliver a supply of 155 mm shells to the Ukrainians.

We are also very active in the ground-air dimension, which enables us to protect both civilian infrastructures – as the Russians have resumed in-depth strikes – and the battlefield, with the delivery of a Franco-Italian SAMP/T battery, or our delivery of Mistral and Crotale [missiles].

Finally, we are still training Ukrainian soldiers. The Ukrainian counteroffensive requires a new generation of soldiers, who must be trained. As early as August, we reached the target we set for the year by training 6,000 Ukrainian soldiers divided between France and Poland.”

Sébastien Lecornu, French Defense Minister

Lecornu emphasised that Ukraine’s counteroffensive requires “a new generation of soldiers who need to be trained.”

The minister underlined that France will continue to help Ukraine, particularly with military equipment and ammunition.

The French Defence Minister added that Ukraine receives a monthly shipment of 155 mm artillery ammunition from France. In addition, France helps with the supply of air defence equipment.

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