French President Macron hopes Ukrainian offensive will bring everyone back to talks

In an interview with Le Point, Emmanuel Macron expressed hope that the offensive of Ukraine’s Armed Forces will make negotiations with Russia possible.

The French President emphasised that “good negotiations will be the ones that Ukrainians want”.

“I wish the Ukrainians’ counter-offensive will bring everyone back to the negotiating table so that a political solution can emerge under more favourable conditions. The right negotiations will be those that the Ukrainians want! They are a sovereign people.”

French President Emmanuel Macron

“NATO and the European Union are part of a broader negotiation; we will have to rebuild Europe’s geopolitical architecture”, Macron added.

Emmanuel Macron also criticised Russian President Vladimir Putin for “fuelling a global mess by deciding not to respect international agreements”.

At the same time, the French President defended the EU’s policy to provide Ukraine with military and financial aid after Russia launched a full-scale invasion.

“But the question is this: Can we let Ukraine be defeated and Russia win? The answer is no, we cannot. Russia has provoked a return to territorial warfare, and we must defend international law and the sovereignty of peoples and borders. We have to hold out for the long term.”

French President Emmanuel Macron

At the same time, answering whether communication with the Kremlin leader has been “severed,” the French President said he would talk to him “when it is useful.”

“He (Putin – ed.) has made a profound break with the past by choosing to no longer respect international agreements, to side with imperialism and neo-colonialism, while simultaneously being a permanent member of the Security Council and a nuclear-armed power. It’s a profound choice.”

French President Emmanuel Macron

Earlier, Macron assured that official Paris continues to consider Russia’s “appropriation” of Crimea and other occupied territories of Ukraine categorically illegal and does not recognise it.

Modern military equipment, provided by France and other allies, helped the Ukrainian army to change the course of war, repel Russian assault, and liberate occupied territories.

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