Germany: number of cyberattacks from abroad rose, Russia is blamed

In 2023, the number of cyberattacks on German institutions and people from abroad increased significantly. This was reported by N-TV, a German media outlet.

According to Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, the number of attacks in which the attackers were abroad or in an unknown location increased by 28% in 2023.

“The cybersecurity threat situation remains high,” Faeser stated at the federal situation report presentation at the Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden.

“That is why we are acting so decisively—nationally and internationally,” she added.

According to the information, the number of cybercrimes in the country amounted to 134,407, which is 1.8% less than in 2022. The crime detection rate increased by 32%.

The Federal Criminal Police Office has successfully dismantled the criminal networks from which cybercrime originates, Faeser said. But she noted, “We must continue to strengthen our defenses against current threats everywhere.”

Faeser directly identified Russia as a culprit in cybercrime, including in relation to its war of aggression against Ukraine.

Last week, Germany recalled its ambassador from Russia for consultations after Berlin accused Moscow of cyberattacks on defense and aerospace companies, as well as the ruling party.

Berlin said that the attacks, which began two years ago, targeted the ruling Social Democratic Party of Germany as well as companies in the logistics, defense, aerospace, and IT sectors. 

According to the German authorities, the APT28 group, also known as Fancy Bear, exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook to hack into email accounts.

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On May 3, the EU condemned Russia’s malicious cyber campaign against Germany and the Czech Republic. NATO also expressed its solidarity with Germany and the Czech Republic in relation to the cyberattacks carried out by a Russian hacker group.

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