Germany reveals details of new €400 million military aid package for Ukraine

At a meeting in the Ramstein format on September 20, Parliamentary State Secretary of the German Ministry of Defence, Simte Möller, revealed details of a new military aid package to Ukraine worth €400 million.

The German Ministry of Defence announced this.

The new German aid package is focused on ammunition. Germany will provide Ukraine with 30,000 155 mm shells, about 3,800 smoke shells for 155 mm artillery, 105,000 rounds of 120 mm tank shells, and 480 AT-2 shells for multiple launch rocket systems.

In addition, the package includes 200 MRAP armoured fighting vehicles that will allow sappers to safely approach Russian minefields, winter clothing, spare parts for the weapons already provided, and vehicles.

The announcement of Germany’s military assistance to Ukraine also mentions 50 surface drones, which “will help repel the aggressor not only on land but also at sea”.

“Some of the equipment will be transferred through donations from Bundeswehr warehouses and in cooperation with industrial partners. The promised equipment should be delivered to Ukraine as soon as possible,” the German Ministry of Defence said.

The day before, German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius announced a new military aid package worth 400 million euros for Ukraine.

The German defence ministry said that Germany ranks first in Europe and second in the world after the United States regarding aid to Ukraine, which amounts to almost 8 billion euros.

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