Germany to double military aid to Ukraine next year – Bild

In 2024, Germany will double its military aid to Ukraine: now, the total amount of assistance will be 8 billion euros.

According to Bild, the German Ministry of Defense, this week, a decision was made to double military aid to Ukraine. Next week, the Budget Committee will officially decide on an additional 4 billion euros, meaning more weapons and ammunition in the defense war against Russia.

Initially, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner had provided only €4 billion for military aid in the federal budget 2024. Still, almost all of the money went to projects already promised, leaving the Defense Ministry with €120 million for new support.

During the budget negotiations, the German Ministry of Defense sounded the alarm and demanded an additional 5 billion euros. As a result, it was agreed to add another 4 billion euros to the budget for next year to support Ukraine.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius stated that 5 billion euros were needed during the budget negotiations.

For Ukraine, this means more weapons and ammunition in the defense war against the Russian invaders.

Instead, €4 billion was agreed upon for 2024 and another €2 billion that the Defense Ministry can spend as so-called commitment authorizations for long-term defense contracts.

The ministry estimates that Germany will reach 2.1% of its gross domestic product in 2024 in terms of defense spending.

At the Bundeswehr conference, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Germany would reach the goal agreed upon with NATO next year, according to which at least 2% of GDP will go to the defense budget.

Budget expert Andreas Schwarz told Bild that doubling military aid is proper and essential because it will reinforce Germany’s promise to help Ukraine with the necessary money.

In October, Germany handed Ukraine a new aid package with IRIS-T, ammunition and armored personnel carriers.

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