Germany to supply Ukraine with new RCH-155 artillery systems

Germany may supply Ukraine, which will be the first customer, with new RCH-155 self-propelled artillery systems as early as 2024.

Axel Scheibel, the managing director of the manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, who is responsible for the development of the self-propelled artillery systems, told Spiegel about the planned supplies.

The production has already started, and the company expects to deliver the first vehicles to Ukraine by the end of next year. The director added that the RCH-155’s gun module fires 155mm artillery ammunition while in motion, making it unique in the world.

RCH-155 self-propelled artillery systems for Ukraine

The RCH-155, mounted on a boxer-wheeled vehicle, shares similarities with the Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled gun. Germany is currently in the process of purchasing the next generation of howitzers for the Bundeswehr.

The fact that this howitzer does not need to stop to fire its shells has huge advantages, as it makes it difficult to detect and combat.

The RCH-155 is capable of automatically firing nine rounds per minute, hitting targets at a distance of 40 to 50 kilometers or even more, depending on the type of ammunition (video review).

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The Bundeswehr began testing the new self-propelled artillery system, the first customer of which will be Ukraine, in February 2023.

The wheel-based, highly protected, fully automated artillery system is currently capable of firing up to 54 kilometers of range over 360° azimuth and all charge and elevation ranges with its 155 mm barreled weapon.

The RCH-155 self-propelled artillery systems are beleived to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces to repel Russian invading troops and conduct counteroffensive opperations.

German military aid package to Ukraine

The German Ministry of Defense, on October 10, on the eve of a meeting of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine, announced a “winter package” of military assistance to Kyiv, totalling about 1 billion euros.

The new package of German aid primarily includes air defence equipment, including the previously reported additional Patriot and IRIS-T systems.

In 2024, Germany will double its military aid to Ukraine: now, the total amount of assistance will be 8 billion euros.

According to Bild, the German Ministry of Defense made a decision to double military aid to Ukraine. For Kyiv, this means more weapons and ammunition in the defense war against the Russian invaders.

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