How long can Russia continue its failed, senseless, bloody war in Ukraine?

Russia launched a full-scale war and invasion of Ukraine, hoping to capture it in 2-3 days. Relying on a plan to achieve a quick success of the so-called “military operation”, the Putin regime planned to install a puppet government in Ukraine before the entire civilised and democratic world had time to react to the brutal violation of international law, Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

However, the seizure of Ukraine in two days or Kyiv in three weeks turned into a series of military defeats for the Russian invaders, hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded soldiers, the destruction of Russia’s prominent naval ships and hundreds of aircraft, including strategic bombers, strong sanctions and international isolation. The International Criminal Court put Russian dictator Putin on the wanted list for war crimes.

After the planned blitzkrieg failed, the Russian invaders were forced to retreat from Kyiv and Kharkiv regions from Kherson, and the fighting returned to Donbas, where thousands of Russians died just to capture the destroyed town of Bakhmut.

After a year and a half of war, Ukraine’s counter-offensive continues, and the Russian invading troops are trying to hold on to the conquered villages where the local population hates them in a cruel and foolish war. Ukraine is becoming stronger with more military aid from Western partners, and now F16 jets are expected.

With its senseless imperialist war, the Kremlin is destroying not only Ukraine but also its own people and the development of its own country for decades to come, which the dictatorial regime does not care about.

In the context of military defeats, internal elite conflicts, and the elimination of the Wagner leader Prigozhin, the question remains: how much longer the Putin regime will be able to continue its senseless and bloody war? And how long will Russians let it do so?

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