Italy to host conference on Ukraine’s reconstruction in 2025

Italy will host a conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine in 2025, a decision has already been made.

Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni made a statement at the Crimean Platform Summit. In her speech, Meloni mentioned that Italy will host a conference on Ukraine’s recovery in 2025.

“Today, we are here to reiterate that Russia must stop its aggressive policy and withdraw its troops (from Ukraine – ed.). We will not get tired of working to end the war and achieve a just and lasting peace,” the Italian Prime Minister said.

“We are equally committed to helping you rebuild your country, including by hosting the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Italy in 2025, an event that will create opportunities for the Ukrainian people and contribute to your socio-economic revival,” she said.

The very first conference on Ukraine’s reconstruction was held in Lugano, Switzerland, in 2022 and in London in 2023.

In June, participants at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in London collectively pledged an additional $60 billion for Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction needs. The $60 billion fund aims to rebuild Ukraine that suffered from Russian invasion, an all-out war and Russian missile strikes on cities and infrastructure.

This amount includes, among other things, up to €50 billion from the European Union’s multi-year fund, $1.3 billion pledged by the United States, and $3 billion in loan guarantees from the United Kingdom.

In turn, Switzerland has announced additional support of CHF 1.5 billion until 2027, and France has announced another EUR 40 million in emergency reconstruction assistance for Ukraine in 2023.

The 2024 conference is scheduled to take place in Germany.

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