Latvian parliament approved a new government

On 15 September, the Latvian Parliament approved the new Cabinet of Ministers. Evika Silina will now head the government.

The government crisis, which lasted several months since the election of President Edgars Rinkēvičs, has finally ended. Evika Silina of the New Unity party has become the new Latvian Prime Minister.

Her predecessor, Krisjanis Karinš, will head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The new coalition includes New Unity, the Union of Greens and Peasants, and the Progressives. 53 MPs passed the vote of confidence in Silina’s Cabinet.

“On 31 May this year, all three political forces that have now formed Silini’s government voted to elect Edgar Rinkiewicz, nominated by New Unity, as president. The presidential election became the starting point for negotiations on changing the composition of the government. And while initially the goal was to form the “broadest possible coalition” – with the participation of, among others, the United List and the National Union – this process ended with creating a government that relies on only 53 votes in the Sejm,” the statement said.

Ewika Sylinia, a lawyer, served as Minister of Welfare in the previous government for less than a year and was previously Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Karinsh and, before that, Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of the Interior.

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