Macron supports Ukraine’s strikes on military bases in Russia

The French president Emmanuel Macron said on May 28 that Ukraine should be allowed to attack certain Russian-based military sites, which themselves serve as bases for launching missiles into Ukrainian territory. Otherwise, “we tell them, ‘We’re delivering weapons to you, but you can’t defend yourselves'”.

At a press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz near Berlin, the French President said that Kyiv should be able to strike certain Russian bases with Western weapons, Le Monde reported.

“This map shows that Ukrainian soil is being attacked from bases that are in Russia. How can we explain to Ukrainians that they have to protect their cities, particularly Kharkiv, if we tell them you don’t have the right to reach the point from which the missiles are fired? In fact, we’re telling them we’re delivering you weapons, but you can’t defend yourselves.”

Emmanuel Macron, French president

“We must allow them [the Ukrainians] to neutralize the military sites from which the missiles are fired […] the military sites from which Ukraine is being attacked.”.

Emmanuel Macron, French president

Although the French president immediately added, “But we must not allow other targets in Russia to be hit, and obviously civilian facilities.”

“We don’t want escalation,” repeated Emmanuel Macron, while stressing that “what has changed is that Russia has adapted its practices somewhat” and is attacking Ukraine from bases in Russia.

“If we tell them [the Ukrainians], you don’t have the right to reach the point from which the missiles are fired; in fact, we’re telling them that we’re giving you weapons, but you can’t defend yourselves,” added the French head of state.

These statements mirror those made by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to The Economist last week, who advocated for the lifting of certain EU restrictions and the freedom of Ukraine to strike as far as Russia.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz remained more evasive, knowing that Germany refuses to deliver long-range missiles (over 500 km) to Ukraine, unlike Paris, London, and Washington. “Ukraine has every opportunity to do so, under international law,” Scholz declared. “It has to be said clearly that it is under attack and can defend itself.”

“The United States, Germany, and France have drawn up rules stipulating that the use of Western weapons must always be within the framework of international law. This has worked well in practice so far and will certainly continue”.

Olaf Scholz, German Chancellor

Ukraine is demanding to be able to use weapons supplied by the West against military targets on Russian soil, but the issue divides its supporters. The most reticent so far—Rome and Berlin in particular—saying about the risk of escalation and spreading the conflict, with the risk of Russian president Vladimir Putin using nuclear weapons as an undercurrent. The United States has also reiterated its opposition to the use of American weapons to strike Russian territory.

Vladimir Putin, the dictator of Russia, threatened to use Western weapons against Russian territory with “serious consequences.”

“In Europe, especially in the smaller countries, they need to think about what they’re playing with. They have to remember that they are very often states with a small territory and a very dense population,” the Russian president scolded during a press briefing in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

“This factor is a serious thing they need to bear in mind before they talk about striking deep into Russian territory,” he continued. The ongoing escalation could lead to grave repercussions.

However, at the same time, Putin’s regime has launched a new escalation with an offensive on the Kahrkiv region, opening a new front in Ukraine’s north-east. This shows that Moscow is not ready for peace.

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