Macron-Xi talks: support for truce during Olympics, China pledges not to supply Russia with weapons

Chinese President Xi Jinping has supported Emmanuel Macron’s idea of a truce in Ukraine, Gaza, and Sudan. It is planned for the time of the Olympic Games in Paris.

France welcomed China’s willingness to ask all stakeholders to support the idea of an Olympic truce. According to the Elysée, Paris wants to make sure that China doesn’t tip over into clear support for Russia’s war efforts against Ukraine and even “encourage it to use the levers” it has over Moscow to “contribute to a resolution of this conflict”, Le Monde reported.

China pledged not to supply Russia with weapons

China has pledged not to supply Russia with any weapons and has also opposed the “vilification” of China in the context of the Ukrainian crisis (as China still calls Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine).

Emmanuel Macron welcomed his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping’s willingness to “ask all stakeholders for an Olympic truce during our upcoming Games”. “We believe together” that this initiative “can be an opportunity to work towards a lasting settlement in full respect of international law,”  assured the French President. 

Emmanuel Macron also welcomed China’s “commitments” to “refrain from selling any weapons” to Moscow in a statement to the press alongside Xi Jinping, who visited Paris on May 6 and 7.

“Together, we believe that this initiative can be an opportunity to work towards a long-term solution in full respect of international law,” French leader Emmanuel Macron stated during a conversation with journalists after his meeting with Xi Jinping. 

Xi called to avoid “smearing” China in “the Ukrainian crisis”

China’s President, for his part, urged Beijing to play a “positive role” in finding a peaceful solution to the war and to avoid “smearing” his country in “the Ukrainian crisis” (it’s how China calls Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine).

“We oppose the use of the Ukrainian crisis to blame others, smear a third country, and trigger a new Cold War,” said Mr. Xi, referring to recurrent Western criticism of China-Russia trade relations.

It is also worth noting that during the opening of the trilateral meeting, Macron emphasized that the future of the European continent will very clearly depend on the ability to continue to develop relations with China in a balanced manner.

Xi’s visit to Paris

On May 5, Xi Jinping arrived in France for the first time since 2019 on a working visit. It was in this country that the head of China began his European tour of different countries.

Xi Jinping came to France with “three messages.” The purpose of the visit is to discuss trade and diplomatic relations between the two countries, as well as to find ways to resolve the war in Ukraine. The Chinese leader said that he understands what is at stake for Europeans in the “Ukrainian crisis” and is committed to a number of norms that govern international relations.

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