Macron’s emergency meeting of EU leaders to discuss military aid to Ukraine

Emmanuel Macron initiated the creation of an ambitious plan to aid Ukraine. France might lead a coalition to supply weapons to repel Russian war aggression. Western leaders plan to purchase shells and equipment from third nations.

The French President convened an emergency meeting of EU leaders in Paris to discuss this topic. 20 European heads of state and government will participate in the talks at the Elysee Palace.

This was announced by Polish President Andrzej Duda, who was also invited to France, Bloomberg reported.

“President Macron has invited a number of European leaders on an ad hoc basis to talk about new proposals and solutions for Ukraine. In addition to Poland, leaders of many countries have been invited,” he said.

The meeting on Ukraine will be attended by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, and representatives of the United States, the Netherlands, and other countries.

The discussion will be opened by the Ukrainian President. Volodymyr Zelenskyy will address the participants via video conference.

At the meeting in Paris, Western allies may develop a plan of concrete actions to supply Ukraine with ammunition, as the Ukrainian Army has faced a shortage in the third year of the war while Russian invading troops continue to attack.

Europe is under mounting pressure to increase efforts to aid Ukraine as Russian’s full-scale invasion has entered its third year and a lack of ammunition has left Ukrainian forces outgunned.

Meanwhile, the US Congress is struggling to approve more than $60 billion in military aid to Ukraine due to the opposition from Republican lawmakers close to former president Donald Trump.

We remind you that on February 1, all 27 EU member states agreed to provide Ukraine with €50 billion in aid. Kyiv also expects to receive the first batch of this package in March.

On February 22, the relevant committees of the European Parliament supported the decision on the Ukraine Facility, a multi-year financial assistance program for Ukraine worth 50 billion euros.

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