NATO states created a “drone coalition” for Ukraine: The UK provides £200 million

Eight members of the Contact Group for Support of Ukraine (Ramstein format) signed a letter of intent to join the drone coalition led by Latvia. This was reported by the Latvian Ministry of Defense.

In addition to Latvia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany have signed letters of intent to join the drone coalition. This list of members of the drone coalition is expected to grow.

British Secretary of Defense Grant Shapps stated that this year the United Kingdom has increased assistance to Ukraine to 2.5 billion pounds, and 200 million pounds have been allocated for the production of UAVs. This, he said, makes the country “the largest supplier of drones in Ukraine.”

“I’m proud to announce that the UK and Latvia will co-lead an international coalition to build Ukraine’s vital drone capabilities. Together, we will give Ukraine the capabilities it needs to defend itself and win this war, to ensure that Putin fails in his illegal and barbaric ambitions.”

Grant Shapps, British Secretary of Defense

At the same time, within the framework of this coalition, the UK will increase the provision of FPV drones to Ukraine by the West.

“By creating a competition to produce these drones at scale and at an affordable price point, the UK will leverage the strength of Western industry. This is the first project to be launched from the £200 million drone package announced by the Prime Minister in January this year. It will see the UK order thousands of FPV drones for Ukraine, including from UK manufacturers, providing a boost to the industry and delivering on the Prime Minister’s priority to grow the economy.”

UK Defense Ministry

By signing the letter, the participating countries commit to investing resources in the production of drones, supplying drones and spare parts to Ukraine, as well as conducting drone tests, training troops, etc.

Latvia itself plans to allocate at least 10 million euros a year for the development of the drone coalition’s development.

“The Ministry of Defense has received information about the drones that Ukraine needs and has begun negotiations with local manufacturers on their ability to supply drones and components that meet Ukrainian needs”.

Latvian Defense Ministry

In January, Latvian President Edgars Rinkēvičs said that his country was leading a “drone coalition” among allies providing military support to Ukraine. Riga expects about 20 countries to participate in the coalition.

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