Netherlands to send F-16s to train Ukrainians in Romania in a few weeks

Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren has said that Dutch F-16 fighter jets, which will be used to train Ukrainian pilots, will be sent to a new training centre in Romania in a few weeks.

According to the NL Times, Ollongren said establishing the F-16 training centre in Romania is “going very well.”

“We hope to hand over 12 to 18 aircraft (F-16s – Ed.) to Romania within a few weeks, which means the centre can start its work,” Kajsa Ollongren said.

The Dutch defence minister could not specify when her country would hand over the first F-16s to Ukraine but reminded that it was about 24 fighters, the rest of which would be used for training purposes.

The Netherlands and Denmark led a group of countries that wanted to help Ukraine get F-16s to counter Russia’s full-scale aggression.

In August, Romania stated it was waiting for the necessary documents to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighters. At that time, the head of the Romanian government said that all the logistics for the training had already been prepared.

Earlier, the media reported that an air base in Romania had been chosen for the training of Ukrainians, and the expected month of the start of the exercises was August.

On August 20, the Netherlands and Denmark confirmed they would provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets in a long-awaited statement expected to boost Ukraine’s challenging counteroffensive against Russian invaders.

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