Norway donates €22 million to EU fund to help Ukraine with weapons

The European Union signed an agreement with Norway on July 25 to provide a financial contribution to assistance measures under the European Peace Fund to supply military equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Council of the European Union reported this.

22 million for Leopard 2 tanks and ammunition

According to the agreement, Norway is making a voluntary financial contribution of NOK 250 million (approximately EUR 22 million) to the European Peace Fund, which will be used to supply ammunition and spare parts for Leopard 2 tanks.

This is Norway’s second contribution to the EU fund, bringing the total amount of Norwegian financial assistance to the European Peace Facility to NOK 400 million (approximately EUR 36.5 million).

Norway’s previous financial contribution of almost EUR 15 million was used to support an EU training mission to train the Ukrainian military.

EU’s Peace Fund to enhance Ukraine’s defence capabilities

The European Peace Facility is an extra-budgetary tool with a total volume of roughly €12 billion. It is used to compensate EU member states for a portion of the military expenditures they transfer to Ukraine.

In total, the fund has already spent about €4.6 billion on military aid to Ukraine. The EU’s military aid aims to enhance Ukraine’s defence capabilities and stop Russian war aggression.

The European Peace Facility, established in 2021, is intended to finance initiatives that reduce conflict, promote peace, and bolster global security. Its value has increased from its initial €5.7 billion to its current €12 billion.

At a meeting of EU foreign ministers, the European Commission suggested a €20 billion fund to assist Ukraine in arming itself over the following four years. Governments of the EU member states will now discuss it, with Hungary threatening to obstruct it again.

Norway’s Leopard tanks for Ukraine

Earlier this year, it was reported that Norway could transfer to Ukraine up to 8 Leopard 2 tanks out of 36 available in the armed forces. The Leopard 2А4 modification tanks are in service in Norway.

Leopard 2 can hit targets from 8,000 m. Gun – 120 mm, range – 500km, top speed – 68km/h. Western allies promised to provide Ukraine 71 Leopard 2 tanks. “Leopard coalition” includes Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Portugal, Spain.

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Watch our Leopard 2 tanks video:

Norway provides Ukraine with nano drones and NASAMS parts

In July, Norway has announced several batches of direct military aid to Ukraine.

During the NATO summit in Vilnius, the Norwegian Ministry of Defence announced that it would provide Ukraine with 1,000 Black Hornet Nano drones.

Although they may make you laugh with their size, as they are smaller than even a smartphone, these drones are a crucial element in small tactical operations.

The Norwegian government announced that it will transfer elements of the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system to Ukraine as part of a new defence assistance package.

The package includes two additional command posts, two launchers and spare parts. The new equipment will allow the Ukrainian Air Defence Forces to be flexible in constructing defences and more resilient against Russia’s massive missile attacks.

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