Norway will provide Ukraine with anti-drone systems CORTEX Typhon

Norway will provide Ukraine with powerful anti-drone systems, CORTEX Typhons. Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace has signed a contract through the International Fund for Ukraine to deliver anti-drone systems. 

Kongsberg will deliver to Ukraine CORTEX Typhon anti-drone systems

An unspecified number of CORTEX Typhon systems will be donated to Ukraine’s Armed Forces to help counter Russian war drone attacks. 

It was announced in the press releases by the Norwegian Defense Ministry and Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace on August 14.

The cost of delivery in the amount of GBP 56 million – about $71 million without disclosing the number of the systems themselves, according to the report.

CORTEX Typhon includes surveillance system, RWS and Combat Solution

The CORTEX Typhon system is designed to counter a wide range of unmanned aerial threats through a combination of physical and electronic attacks.

The CORTEX Typhon is based on top-notch software, including a surveillance system, Kongsberg-developed Remote Weapon Station and Cortex Integrated Combat Solution. 

Anti-drone systems for Ukraine will be mounted on Dingo 2 vehicles

The systems for Ukraine will be mounted on the German Dingo 2 Mine Resistant Ambush protected wheeled vehicle. They are donated by the Norwegian government. 

The station is configured with the powerful M-230 cannon with 30mm calibre as the primary weapon. The anti-drone system is controlled through the CORTEX Solution.

CORTEX Typhon systems help Ukrainian military protect cities from Russian drone attacks

These modern anti-drone systems will help the Ukrainian military protect cities from massive Russian drone attacks that target civilian infrastructure. Russians launch dozens of Shahed war drones at Ukrainians cities almost daily.

“This contract will provide a significant capability boost for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and will support their ability to protect their people and defend their country against aerial threats,” Eirik Lie, President of Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace is quoted in the press release.

Kongsberg has produced over 20,000 units of the Remote Weapon Stations which are in service with 22 countries.

International Fund for Ukraine aims at providing Ukraine with military aid

The International Fund for Ukraine was created by the United Kingdom in partnership with Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and Lithuania. The fund allows participating nations to provide long-term military aid to Ukraine.

Norway has provided Ukraine over €2 billion worth of humanitarian and military aid including Leopard tanks and Mistral air defence missiles. 

In February the Norwegian government announced plans to provide a $7 billion aid to Ukraine over five years.

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