Overwhelming majority of Germans support increasing military aid to Ukraine – ZDF poll

A poll conducted by the German TV channel ZDF has shown that the vast majority of Germans support the continuation of military assistance to Ukraine after two years of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

This is evidenced by the latest poll conducted by the German television channel ZDF.

The survey was conducted among nearly 1,300 respondents by phone or online from February 20 to 22, 2024. 

The overwhelming majority of Germans support the provision of military assistance to Ukraine after two years of Russian invasion.

According to the poll, 62% of respondents are in favor of European states providing Ukraine with more weapons and ammunition, while 32% are against it. For comparison, in January, 51% were in favor and 42% were against.

This opinion is widespread among almost all groups of party supporters, with only the vast majority of AfD supporters (81%) and a small majority of BSW supporters (57%) opposing the provision of more weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.

Increased spending on the Bundeswehr and defense is supported by 72% of respondents, even if it means savings in other areas, while 23% are against it. 

The overwhelming majority thinks it is very important (59%) or important (32%) that Germany can defend itself together with its European allies even without the United States. Only 9% consider it not very important or not at all important.

However, opinions are divided on whether Ukraine should give up the territories occupied by Russia if it ends the war: 43% are in favor, while 44% believe that Ukraine should continue to fight for the liberation of these territories.

Regarding a possible Russian attack on other countries, 46% fear this, while 45% assume that the war will remain limited to the territory of Ukraine.

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