Poland receives the largest €6- billion transfer from the EU

On April 15, Poland received a transfer of €6.2 billion (PLN 27 billion) from the EU, which the government called the largest single payment since Poland’s membership in the European Union. 

This was announced by Polish Minister of Funds and Regional Policy Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz.

“PLN 27 billion—Poland has just received the largest transfer from the EU in the history of our membership. Being in the EU pays off, but the Union is not only money, as our predecessors forgot. We are united by values: democracy, equal opportunities, the rule of law, civil liberties!” the Polish minister wrote.

In her post, she also criticized the previous government (Law and Justice) and emphasized that EU membership is not only about money but also about shared values.

The funds will be used for a number of projects, mainly in the field of infrastructure.

The Minister said that this is “an important day for the Polish economy and investment.” 

Earlier, at the end of February 2024, the European Commission finally unblocked Poland’s access to €137 billion from various EU funds, which Warsaw could not previously receive due to questions about the judiciary and the rule of law.

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