Poland reports Russian disinformation attacks against the country

Polish Deputy Minister for the Coordination of Special Services Stanisław Żaryn said that Russia continues to promote a false image of Poland as a threat to the Kaliningrad region.

“Recently, it used the Polish Air Force’s training on landing on the so-called roadside airfields to give this false narrative more credibility,” Zharyn said, as reported by PAP.

He noted that “for a week now, the Kremlin’s influence apparatus has been promoting disinformation that portrays the Soviet aggression against Poland on September 17, 1939, as the ‘Red Army’s liberation campaign in Western Belarus and Ukraine against Warsaw’s colonial policy.

“The perpetuation of this historical propaganda originating from the USSR is part of the broader context of the Russian regime, which has begun to massively format its society – including through the educational program – on the model of Soviet society,” emphasized Stanislav Zharyn.

“An operation is underway in Russia to dismantle or desecrate burial sites and monuments, including those of Poles. Busts of Joseph Stalin and Felix Dzerzhinsky were installed at the Polish military cemetery in Mednoe, where the remains of the victims of the Katyn genocide are buried,” he reminded.

The Polish official also noted that “the Russian operation is constantly ongoing; the Kremlin propaganda is intensively promoting the so-called grain dispute between Kyiv and Warsaw.”

“The Russians rely here mainly on materials from the Polish information landscape. The goal is to give credibility to previous operations that divided Poland and Ukraine,” he said.

The Polish official also noted that “the Belarusian propaganda apparatus, with the help of the media controlled by the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Belarus, recently carried out an information provocation based on a false claim that a Polish helicopter violated Belarusian airspace.”

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