Poland’s ruling party reveals the first question for a referendum

Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party has revealed the first of the issues it wants to put to a referendum along with the topic of migration policy.

As reported by Polsat News, PiS published a video message from its leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski. It follows that the first question will be: “Do you support the sale of state-owned enterprises?”.

Earlier this week, there were rumours that 3-4 issues, not just migration, were going to be put to a referendum alongside the elections. The PiS hinted that it could also include questions about the retirement age and “specific issues aimed directly at farmers”.

The elections to the Sejm and the Senate in Poland will be held on 15 October, according to President Andrzej Duda’s decision. The Polish administration decided to hold a referendum on migration policy simultaneously with them and approved amendments to the legislation for this purpose.

According to a poll commissioned by RMF FM in July, 60% of Poles are going to vote in the referendum on the migrant distribution policy.

An earlier survey in June showed that 41% of respondents considered such a referendum unnecessary, and about 50% of respondents thought it necessary.

In June, the EU countries agreed on a position for negotiations with the European Parliament on a new package of legislation on migration and asylum, which, among other things, refers to “mandatory solidarity” between the EU nations, as the migration burden on different countries of the union is disproportionate.

The draft law stipulates that each country must accept a minimum number of migrants annually. If it is unwilling to do so, it must pay 20,000 euros for each person or provide “operational assistance”. The decision was approved despite the opposition of Poland and Hungary.

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