Putin plans to escalate its war in Ukraine: learn why

Bakhmut town destroyed by the war

Putin is not only not seeking to end the war in Ukraine soon but instead is preparing to increase the scale of hostilities, according to The Financial Times.

Experts note that this conclusion can be drawn from new laws that tighten the mobilisation procedure and allow Russia to send hundreds of thousands of additional men to Putin’s war in Ukraine.

The FT report emphasises that Putin is betting that the Russian human resource that can potentially be mobilised is three to four times larger than the Ukrainian one. Thus, his main goal is to be able to use this resource at his discretion: to mobilise many more people, arm them, train them and send them into battle.

According to the publication, the Kremlin’s military treasury is still overflowing thanks to unforeseen energy profits, and Russia’s military factories continue to operate around the clock. In addition, China and other countries continue to supply microchips to Russia, bypassing sanctions. This allows Russia to continue producing missiles that it uses against Ukraine.

At the same time, the Kremlin plans to stifle Ukraine’s economy, as the Ukrainian budget depends on its Western allies. To do this, it may use such measures as withdrawal from the grain deal and air strikes on civilian infrastructure.

The Russian Federation is also counting on a decline in Western military support for Ukraine. The Kremlin is using propaganda and discrediting campaign against Ukraine to halt or reduce weapons supplies, as revealed by several reports.

In addition, Putin’s regime is using threats of escalation, including the possibility of expanding the conflict into NATO territory through Belarus and hybrid threats on the border with the use of Wagner mercenaries. This proves that the Kremlin does not plan to stop. It’s the opposite: Moscow seeks an escalation.

Russian dictator Putin has made many fatal mistakes in his disastrous and cruel war against Ukraine. But as long as he is in power, Moscow will devote its still vast resources to achieving its obsession with destroying and subjugating Ukraine, the analysis summarises. A

As Western nations provide military aid for Ukraine, a long-term strategy is needed, and more support, including F-16 fighter jets, to prevent Russia from recovering and rebuilding its invading army that suffered tremendous losses in Ukraine.

The war turned into a game of time. The sooner the West can provide Ukraine with military support, including F-16s, the more likely the Putin regime will be defeated on the battlefield. This is the only way to stop him. After all, sanctions are not fully effective, and most of the world’s leaders abandoned all hopes of appeasing the aggressor regime or the chance to negotiate with them.

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