Ramstein: Austin promises that US will not allow Ukraine to lose; Germany gives more weapons

Opening the Ramstein meeting on support for Ukraine, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin pledged that the United States will continue to support Ukraine’s military efforts against Russia while the US Congress continues to stall funding for Kyiv.

Austin said in his opening remarks that Russia has paid a staggering price for the war, repeating estimates that the conflict has cost Russia up to $211 billion and claimed the lives of at least 315,000 Russian troops.

“Ukrainian troops are facing difficult conditions and heavy fighting. And the civilian population of Ukraine suffers constant shelling by Russian missiles and Iranian drones. But Ukraine will not back down. And neither will the United States. The United States will not allow Ukraine to fail. This coalition will not allow Ukraine to fail. The free world will not let Ukraine fail.” 

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin

He reminded me that only last week, the United States announced additional security support for Ukraine worth $300 million. Austin called this measure “extraordinary” to support urgent needs for air defense, artillery, and anti-tank capabilities.

“We remain committed to providing Ukraine with the resources it needs to counter the Kremlin’s aggression,” Austin assured.

Earlier, US House Speaker Mike Johnson actually agreed to unblock the decision to help Ukraine, but with significant changes—that it should be a project from the House of Representatives and assistance in the form of a loan or land lot.

Germany announced a new military aid package for Ukraine

Germany has prepared a new military aid package for Ukraine worth an estimated 500 million euros.

According to Tagesschau, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said this in a conversation with the media during the Ramstein meeting.

Pistorius said that it is about additional supplies of ammunition—10 thousand artillery shells from the Bundeswehr warehouses. 

The new aid package will also include 100 armored vehicles for infantry and 100 transport vehicles. 

Finland to provide Ukraine with artillery ammunition

Finland will provide 30 million euros for Ukraine’s artillery ammunition as part of a corresponding Czech initiative. Finnish Defense Minister Antti Häkkänen announced this on Twitter (X).

The Defense Minister announced this decision after discussions with the Commander of the Czech Defense Forces on improving support for European defense and Ukraine.

Earlier, Czech President Petr Pavel said that Prague was trying to deliver ammunition to Ukraine as quickly as possible.

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