Romania to host first Patriot air defense system exercise

Romania will begin Patriot air defense system drills on November 3rd. This was reported by the country’s Ministry of Defence.

The exercises will be held from November 3 to November 17 to test the effective operation of the first Patriot air defense system, which will enter service with the Romanian Air Force in 2020, as well as training to increase operational capabilities, according to the ministry.

The drills, which will be held at the Capu Mida training facility, were organized a year in advance and are part of the Romanian Air Force Headquarters Master Plan.

The Romanian Ministry of Defense earlier decided that the drones that crashed on Romanian soil were Russian drones shot down by Ukraine’s air defense.

Due to the incidents involving Russian drones, Romania was reported to be relocating its air defense systems closer to its villages on the Danube bordering Ukraine at the end of September.

According to media reports, Romania will soon obtain a new drone defense system.

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