Russia is preparing discrediting campaigns against Ukraine in EU and US – Intelligence

Kremlin political technologists have developed new disinformation campaigns to discredit Ukraine.

This was reported by the Centre for Strategic Communications and Information Security, referring to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (source link – in Ukrainian).

Russian propagandists have prepared new narratives with new targets. The Russian regime seeks to undermine Western allies’ confidence in Ukraine and incite internal political conflicts in the country.

“The main goal is to convince Ukrainians and their allies that resistance is futile, to sow doubts and confrontation in the anti-Putin coalition, and to create the impression that there are other ‘more important’ problems,” the statement said.

Discrediting campaigns against Ukraine are planned in Germany, France, Israel and the United States, according to the report.

“Topics to be disseminated among target audiences: “Africans: ‘France, get out’, welcome, Russia’, ‘Macron’s Pacific Rake Dance’, ‘Germany’s economy is about to collapse’ and ‘The crisis has already come to every home’.

The topics with which Russians want to attack Ukraine’s information reach are also known: “Who takes bribes and who goes to the frontline”, “Political sparring: when will the battle begin?”, “Turn off the lights – there will be no elections”, “Is it wartime or peacetime?” etc.

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