Russian mortars are like raindrops to Bradley – Ukrainian commander

The M2 Bradley crew of the Ukrainian Army’s 47th Brigade praised the reliability and effectiveness of American Bradley vehicles.

“Russian machine guns and mortars are like rain to the Bradley”, says the Ukrainian vehicle commander “Karatsupa”.

The Ukrainian military said that Bradley could withstand mine blasts, and the crews escaped the vehicle unharmed. The Bradley is precious for night operations as its thermal imager allows it to see targets at night at almost 10 km.

The vehicle’s commander says the Bradley’s firepower is fierce, and target acquisition is immediate. The Ukrainian military says the Bradley is suitable for assaults, defence and evacuation of the wounded.

The commander said the mobilised Ukrainians mastered Western military equipment, including the US-made Bradley vehicles, in just two months.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have started using unique M7 Bradley BFIST BMPs at the frontline – a photo of the M7 Bradley BFIST was published on social media. The BFIST is based on the M2A2 Bradley and is a reconnaissance, target designation and precision-guided weapons targeting vehicle.

An M2A2 Bradley ODS-SA infantry fighting vehicle with Bradley Reactive Armour Tiles (BRAT) dynamic protection was also spotted in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to several reports, US-made Bradley Fighting Vehicles helped the Ukrainian Army win the battle for Robotyne, a strategic village in the Zaporizhzhia region. It was liberated from Russian invading forces on August 24.

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