Russian ships threaten civilian vessels in the Black Sea (audio)

Russia considers the country of the ship’s flag going to Ukrainian ports to be involved in the war in Ukraine. Ukrainian border guards intercepted threats from a Russian ship to a merchant vessel in the Black Sea and published the audio recording.

“Terror pirates of the Black Sea”

It appears that Russian terror troops, that bombard Ukrainian cities, ports, and civil infrastructure, have now become new pirates of the Black Sea.

A Russian warship first asks about the vessel’s nationality and cargo and then threatens to keep it away from Ukrainian ports.

Russian warships have been threatening civilian vessels in the Black Sea and telling them not to approach Ukrainian ports, violating international maritime law.

Russia considers all vessels travelling to Ukraine as involved in the war

Ukraine’s border guards managed to intercept a conversation between the Russian invaders, who contacted a ship passing near one of Ukraine’s seaports via an open channel and threatened:

“I am warning you about the ban on traffic to the ports of Ukraine. In addition, the Russian side considers the transport of any cargo to Ukraine to be a potential military cargo. The country under whose flag the vessel is travelling is considered involved in the Ukraine conflict. Over.”

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has called on Russia to comply with conventions and stop threats to merchant shipping in the Black Sea.

The Head of Ukaine’s Presidential Office, Andriy Yermak, has already responded to such threats by the invaders.

“Russian warships are threatening civilians in the Black Sea, violating all the rules of international maritime law. These are the methods of terrorists. An effective tool against terrorism is force,” he wrote.

Russian blockade of the Black Sea

After Russia withdrew from the grain deal, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced that it would sink ships sailing to Ukrainian ports. At the same time, the Kremlin considers the countries whose ships go to Ukraine to be involved in the war.

In addition, British intelligence reported that the aggressor country had sent a corvette to intercept merchant ships in the Black Sea.

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine reported that Russia is preparing ships and aircraft to block the Black Sea.

Ukraine’s Defence Forces named signs indicating the Russians were preparing to blockade the Black Sea.

False flag operation threat

The United Kingdom believes Russia may intensify its campaign to destroy Ukraine’s food exports. UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly noted that Russia could fire on civilian ships in the Black Sea to do so.

And White House National Security Council spokesman Adam Hodge said that the United States has information that the aggressor country has installed additional sea mines on the approaches to Ukrainian ports and also believes that Russia is preparing a false flag operation against Ukraine’s grain exports.

Russia wants to have a grain monopoly – Ukraine

Since the termination of the grain deal Russia’s intention is to have a grain monopoly, to exclude Ukraine as a grain supplier and a functioning maritime transport system, Ukrainian officials said. They underline that the Russian troops have begun to destroy port and agricultural infrastructure in Ukraine with missile attacks.

“They are hitting not only the facilities that allow loading and transporting but also those that allow storing grain. In particular, in the depths of the Odesa region, an agricultural enterprise was attacked, where 120 tonnes of grain were burned,” stated Natalia Humeniuk, spokesperson for the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s Southern Operational Command.

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