Scholz warns against the rise of right-wing populists ahead of European elections

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz warned of threats from right-wing populists, speaking at a gathering of center-left European parties ahead of the European Parliament elections in June.

Scholz arrived in Bucharest, Romania, for the Party of European Socialists conference, which is part of the Socialists and Democrats, the second largest group in the European Parliament. 

“Right-wing populists are campaigning against our united Europe. They are ready to destroy what we have built for children; they are stirring up sentiment against refugees and minorities,”  the German leader stated in the parliament building where the conference took place, AP reported.

Opinion polls indicate a significant shift to the right in the upcoming European elections, with the radical right-wing group Identity and Democracy likely to win enough seats to become the third-largest group in the European Parliament.

Scholz said that a prosperous EU that can “get things done” is “the best answer to populism and autocrats.” 

The German Chancellor also pledged further support for Ukraine, saying it was “the key to restoring peace in Europe.” Far-right groups are known for pro-Kremlin statements and calls for halting aid to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, allegations of ties between the far-right Alternative for Germany party’s members and a pro-Russian influence network exposed last week in Europe have led to a decline in voter support for the party.

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