Spain to provide Ukraine with a record military aid package – El Pais

Spain is going to provide Ukraine with record military aid. The leading Spanish newspaper El Pais reports that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will receive military equipment worth 1.1 billion euros.

Spain will officially announce a new military aid package to Kyiv on May 27 during Ukrainian President Zelensky’s visit to Madrid. According to media reports, Ukraine will receive 10 Patriot anti-aircraft missiles, 19 Leopard 2A4 tanks, anti-drone equipment, artillery ammunition, and portable rocket launchers.

Spain’s new package of military aid to Ukraine

During his visit to Spain, the President of Ukraine will sign a bilateral security agreement with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. It includes the delivery of military equipment to Ukraine, according to the newspaper.

According to news reports, the Ukrainian military anticipates receiving approximately

  • 10 Patriot anti-aircraft missiles.
  • 19 Leopard 2A4 tanks,
  • anti-drone weapons,
  • artillery ammunition,
  • portable missile launchers.

El Pais noted that the agreement provides contracts for the Spanish defense industry, as Spanish companies will produce military equipment. Specifically, Spanish companies will produce weapons for Ukraine.

  • TRC,
  • Indra,
  • Escribano,
  • Uro,
  • Expal or Instalaza.

After the Russian invading forces’ offensive in the Kharkiv region and Putin’s army’s new bombing of civilian infrastructure in Ukrainian cities, Ukraine’s Western allies are stepping up their assistance to Kyiv. Most of all, Ukraine needs modern air defense systems to protect civilians from missile terror attacks by the Russian Federation. 

Earlier, EFE, citing sources in the royal palace, reported that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky canceled his visit to Spain scheduled for May 17 due to the difficult situation at the front.

A Russian missile strike on a construction hypermarket in Kharkiv on May 25 killed 17 people, according to local police as of Monday morning. A 12-year-old girl was among the victims of the Russian bombing. The Russian bombing left dozens more injured, and some people are still missing.

Russia’s missile terror attacks on Kharkiv have become a tragic reminder of the need to close the skies over Ukraine, while Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine has been going on for two years and more than four months.

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