Switzerland to provide Ukraine with a remote demining machine

The Swiss authorities have announced the transfer of a remote-controlled demining machine to Ukraine.

The press service of the Swiss government reported this.

A remote demining machine to clear Russian mines

The demining machine was handed over to the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport by the Swiss Digger Foundation. Ukraine will also receive a set of spare parts.

The Swiss government noted that the shipment is scheduled for September. Ukraine needs demining equipment to clear Russian mines in the areas along the frontline and on the territories liberated from Russian occupation.

The total cost of the aid package is CHF 1.2 million (over $1.3 million). In addition, experts from the Swiss Digger Foundation will conduct on-site training for Ukrainian specialists.

Demining as a crucial task for Ukraine 

Demining on the frontline is a crucial task for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to advance in their counteroffensive against Russian invading troops.

Military aid provided by Western allies also focuses on demining equipment that the Ukrainian servicemen employ to clear pre-frontline Russian minefields and liberated territories from Russian mines.

German Wisent, American M58 MICLIC, Slovak Bozena-5, British Armtac 400, and Canadian GCS-200 help the Ukrainians to demine territories effectively.

Many videos of Western equipment used to clear Ukrainian territory were posted online. International partners provide Ukraine with $244 million for demining.

This help is crucial both for the safety of civilians in the war zone and for a secure advance of the Ukrainian military. 

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said that at least 30% of Ukraine is mined. Nearly 174,000 square kilometres of territory are potentially dangerous for life. Ukraine ranks first in the world in terms of mined areas.

Since Russia’s large-scale military invasion of Ukraine began, the Emergency Service has deffused more than 411,000 explosive devices, including more than 3,000 aircraft bombs.

In June, the lower house of the Swiss parliament blocked the approval of a new Swiss aid package to Ukraine worth more than €5 billion, expected to last for five to ten years.

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