The EU extends the flight ban for Russia in its new sanctions package

On June 24, the EU announced a new package of sanctions against Russia that includes an extension of the ban on Russian flights over EU territory. This was reported by the EU Council’s press service.

The Council of the EU states that if Russian individuals, legal entities, structures, or bodies actually determine the place and time of takeoff or landing, for example, during a flight to a vacation destination or business meeting, then the ban on landing in the EU, taking off from it, and flying over it now applies to aircraft flying outside the schedule.

Additionally, operators must provide the EU authorities with information about unscheduled flights, including details about the aircraft’s owners and potential passengers.

The new sanctions package also extends the ban on the transportation of goods by road in the EU, including transit, to EU carriers with a 25% or more shareholding by Russian individuals or legal entities.

Furthermore, the new EU sanctions include measures against Russian-liquefied natural gas.

The new package also targets tankers belonging to the Russian oil “shadow fleet” and provides additional tools to combat the circumvention of existing restrictive measures.

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