The Kremlin threatened Paris with a nuclear strike. Macron reacted

The vice president of the Russian State Duma has threatened Paris with a nuclear strike. French President Emmanuel Macron said he was surprised by the “nervousness and intemperance of Russian officials”, BFMTV reported.

Pyotr Tolstoy said that the Kremlin is “calculating” how long it would take a nuclear missile to reach Paris. According to the Russian official, “in about two minutes”.

In addition, in light of French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements about the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, a Russian official threatened to “kill all French soldiers in Ukraine.”

French President Emmanuel Macron reacted to threats made by Duma Deputy Speaker Piotr Tolstoy, who, in an interview with BFMTV, raised the possibility of sending a nuclear bomb to Paris.

At the end of the European Council meeting on Friday, March 22, Emmanuel Macron denounced recent virulent remarks made by Russian leaders against France, and in particular by Duma deputy speaker Piotr Tolstoy, as a clear sign of “nervousness.”.

“I think their indignity is enough not to comment on them,” judged the French president in response to a journalist’s question in Brussels, confiding his “astonishment at such nervousness and intemperance among Russian officials”.

On February 26, about 20 European leaders met in Paris to discuss the threats posed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Following the conference, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that we should not rule out the deployment of Western ground troops in the future to counter Russian aggression.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico confirmed that some NATO and EU member states are allegedly discussing the possibility of sending their troops to Ukraine after signing bilateral agreements with Kyiv.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the leaders of the Alliance stated that no general decision had been made to send troops to Ukraine, and Russia called this a declaration of war.

On February 29, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said that Western leaders should not rule out the possibility of sending ground troops to Ukraine.

On March 4, Emmanuel Macron said he would not send troops to Ukraine in the near future, but this opens a debate on the issue. On March 5, Macron called on the allies “not to be cowards” with regard to Ukraine and to step up. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius responded to his call.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, said that the discussion provoked by French President Emmanuel Macron’s words about the deployment of Western troops in Ukraine would save Europe a lot of time in realizing that more needs to be done.

Emmanuel Macron, commenting on the idea of sending Western troops to Ukraine, emphasized that France is determined and ready to invest resources to achieve victory over Russia.

French left and right-wing parties criticized President Emmanuel Macron’s position on supporting Ukraine, which he expressed in an interview on March 14.

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