Top 9 pro-Russian outlets in Switzerland that disseminate Kremlin narratives

Following our research on which websites are spreading pro-Russian narratives in Germany, France, and Belgium, we analyzed the media landscape in Switzerland. We’ve identified publications that quote Russian state media and spread claims that support Kremlin propaganda in Europe. 

Semantic research, content analysis, and exploration of links between the websites helped us identify Swiss news sites with similar topics, pro-Russian narratives, and reciprocal links. Disclaimer: no major media outlet is on the list, but rather fringe resources. 

Switzerland has become a focus of Russian propaganda due to its role in global initiatives and support for Ukraine, as well as for hosting the Peace Summit on June 15–16. According to a Reuters report on June 10, Switzerland’s government flagged a surge in cyberattacks and foreign disinformation campaigns targeting the country ahead of the summit.

In this research, we have provided a list of examples of these reports, along with their respective sources. We highlighted the most delusional allegations regarding Putin’s Jewish descent, dubbing President Macron a pyromaniac, and more.

This content analysis suggests that Russian influence targets weaken Western democracies, undermine trust in governments, and reduce support for Ukraine.

Overview of the Swiss media landscape

Swiss audiences follow mainstream media and traditional outlets. However, the identified pro-Russian websites do have their small share of traffic. Furthermore, they routinely quote and republish stories from Russian propaganda sites that are under sanctions in the EU (such as Russia Today, Sputnik, and Ria Novosti).

Identified pro-Russian websites (,,,,,,, achieve only 1.4% in traffic share among Swiss media outlets. In this volume, gets 0.65%, and – 0.41%, according to SimilarWeb data. 

At the same time, we discovered that the German Anti-Spiegel and French Reseau International pro-Russian outlets had a considerable audience in Switzerland. These pro-Kremlin outlets are often quoted and reposted by pro-Russian Swiss websites.

SimilarWeb data shows that the website had 700,000 visits in Switzerland in a 12-month period (June 23–May 24).

Based on search analytic tools and using a data visualization platform, we have shown the links and quotations between the pro-Russian Swiss news websites, which all together form a small network. You can click each website on the interactive infographics and see whom it quotes and from which outlets it gets return links.

Based on our research, we created an interactive table with links to all of Switzerland’s websites that spread pro-Russian narratives or claims that benefit Moscow. We mapped all the links to each website from all sources, which you can filter in the table below.

In the analysis of digital media traffic in Switzerland, the popularity of Russian state propaganda platforms was a shocking revelation. For example, the English-language version of RT received almost 10 million views during the year, according to SimilarWeb. The German version of the Russian state media outlet received 2.7 million views. The French version received 656,000 views.

At the same time, the Swiss read Russian propaganda in Russian, as well as in French, German, and English. This is due to a significant number of Russian-speaking users in Switzerland. Russian propaganda media Ria-Novosti, sanctioned in the EU for spreading pro-Kremlin disinformation, received 918,000 views over the last 12 months in Switzerland.

As we can see, all of Europe’s efforts to combat Russian propaganda and disinformation have not yet yielded the desired results. Numerous websites spread pro-Kremlin content, with RT and Sputnik shifting to mirror sites (and new addresses circumventing the ban), and Russian speakers in the EU have access to almost all Russian pro-Kremlin media outlets.

Also, in the content analysis, we have identified key pro-Kremlin storylines targeting the Swiss audiences. The key narratives, that benefit the Kremlin,  are the following:

  • ‘Demonization of the West and Ukraine as a threat to democracy’
  • ‘Russia is at war against NATO and the West (particularly the U.S.)’
  • ‘Ukrainians are Nazis’
  • ‘A threat of a nuclear war’
  • ‘Halt support for Ukraine’
  • ‘Global conspiracy theories’.

Narrative 1. ‘Demonization of the West and Ukraine as a threat to democracy’

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Russian propaganda machine has been blaming Ukraine, Western countries, NATO, and the EU for the war. Moscow claims that it felt threatened by Ukraine, that it came to protect the people of Donbas, and that NATO’s eastward expansion is to blame. This way, Russia is trying to justify its invasion and shift the blame for the war to the West.

“Ukraine has paid a heavy blood price on both sides of the front line, with large parts of the country being destroyed. The country is deeply divided politically, has become the poorest country in Europe, continues to suffer from widespread corruption and is increasingly depopulating itself. The military situation also seems extremely unfavorable. Ukrainians are today the deceived people of Europe, also deceived by us. Their country has become a battlefield for geopolitical interests, including Western geopolitical interests. It could now even run the risk of collapse. If we really want to be friends with Ukraine, as we like to claim, we must now do everything possible to end this war with a negotiated peace.”


“This strategy was based on the assumption, fatally misinformed, that Putin was an absolute dictator who led a one-man-show. The United States planned its replacement by a more flexible government, ready to become a voluntary but marginal presence on the European scene and a non-player elsewhere.

The ancillary benefits for the United States of a war against Ukraine that would bring Russia down were a) to consolidate the Atlantic alliance under Washington’s control, to extend NATO and to open an insurmountable abyss between Russia and the rest of Europe that would continue in the foreseeable future; b) to this end, to put an end to the latter’s strong dependence on Russia’s energy resources; and c) therefore, to replace the more expensive LNG and oil of the United States that would seal the status of European partners as dependent economic vass. If this last point was a brake for their industry, so be it.

The elite brigades formed by the West have been mistreated and there are no more reserves to launch into the battle. “


“However, it is Mr. Biden who traps Ukraine in an endless war by continuing to promote NATO’s enlargement to Ukraine. He is afraid to tell the truth to the American and Ukrainian peoples, rejecting diplomacy and instead opting for a perpetual war.

Ukraine cannot win. It is more likely than unlikely that Russia will win on the battlefield, as it seems to be doing. However, even if Ukraine managed to break through with conventional forces and NATO weapons, Russia would move to nuclear war if it were necessary to prevent NATO from establishing itself in Ukraine.

The only way to save Ukraine is a negotiated peace. 

Russia has repeatedly tried to negotiate: to try to prevent NATO’s enlargement to the east; to try to find appropriate security agreements with the United States and Europe; to try to settle inter-ethnic issues in Ukraine after 2014 (Minsk I and Minsk II agreements); to try to maintain limits on anti-ballistic missiles; and to try to end the war in Ukraine in 2022 through direct negotiations with Ukraine.”


“Mr. Lavrov said: Kiev is led by the “war party” and seeks, at least in words, to defeat Russia “on the battlefield”. Under these conditions, it is difficult to imagine a dialogue on peace. In addition, since September 30, 2022, Ukraine has been legally prohibited from negotiating with Russian leaders. As for the legal status of Volodymyr Zelensky after May 20, the expiry date of his term as President of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin was very clear on this issue…. Let’s hope that sooner or later, political forces concerned about the interests of the population will appear in Ukraine.” (+LEGITIMACY OF ZELENSKIY + LAVROV QUOTE)


“In 2014, Crimea had already passed to Russia. Russia showed that it was ready to seriously defend its geopolitical interests and fight for them.

In recent years, before February 2022, there had been a lot of talk of Russian separatism in Ukraine and irredentism. But both were only latently available, at least until 2014. Sure, Sevastopol and Crimea have never felt very Ukrainian, but without the Ukrainianization efforts of the Kiev power center, there would never have been a “Russian spring”.”


“Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk will never return to Ukraine, because after the bombardment of these areas by Ukraine since 2014, a considerable hatred of the Ukrainian authorities has developed. It is not up to NATO to decide on this, but exclusively a question of self-determination and the decision of the population concerned.”


“Russia was satisfied with a certain autonomy of Donbas, which was more inclined to Russia.

In the meantime, several hundred thousand people have “died for nothing” in Ukraine. It is probably already 500,000. Representatives of the US government would say they didn’t know. For their goals, the Neocons had already accepted such “collateral damage” several times.

“Our government lies and lies and lies and no longer even tries to tell the truth,” Sachs criticizes the US government. 

Two points of view

“Putin’s Russia is imperialist. Ukraine has always wanted to get involved. Next would be the Baltic States and Poland if Russia could join Ukraine and keep Crimea and Donbas.”

That’s the one point of view. We are informed about these almost daily.

The USA has long wanted to weaken Russia and decouple it from Western Europe. Since the Russian attack, the USA prefers to weaken Russia with an ongoing war than to accept a neutral Ukraine. NATO wants to expand at the borders of Russia and station missiles there.”

That’s the other point of view.

These two opposing views are parts of the information war and selectively influence the information that governments and media spread.”


“Without the help of the USA, there would have been no coup d’état”


“Ukraine: Zelensky the anti-peace? – JT of Monday, May 27, 2024

On the program tonight, we will come back to the war in Ukraine that Volodymyr Zelensky seems not to want to finish.

We will also return to Emmanuel Macron’s surprising proposal to organize a national referendum to decide the fate of New Caledonia.”

  •  (rewrite from French pro-Russian media)

“Ukraine, Israel: Macron pyromaniac? – JT of Wednesday, May 29, 2024. On the front pane of this edition, international relations to the test of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As the IDF’s response increasingly divides the international community, the issue of the recognition of the Palestinian state is resurfacing.

We will also return to Emmanuel Macron’s attitude in the context of the war in Ukraine. After the ground troops affair, the French president wants Western weapons to be able to strike Russian territory. A new dangerous spark.”

  • (rewrite from French pro-Russian media)

“World shocks with Fabrice Sorlin – “Putin is not waging a territorial war in Ukraine

For this new episode of “Shocks of the World”, Édouard Chanot joined Fabrice Sorlin, Vice-President of the International Russian Movement, in Moscow. Fabrice Sorlin returns from Donetsk and Mariupol in Donbass, along the front line. A journey during which he experienced the threat of a Ukrainian drone.

How do the Russians live, when their troops are now on the offensive? Are they angry with France and the West while Emmanuel Macron has increased his support for Kiev and is multiplying bellicose statements against Moscow? Our guest tells us more.”


“Investigative US journalist Seymour Hersh writes about “delusions, exaggerations and lies” by US President Joseph Biden in his latest text published on Thursday. In it, he makes it clear that Biden ignores the realities in Ukraine, Palestine and other conflict regions.”


“Ukraine conference will be “propaganda exercise” to cover up Zelensky’s illegitimacy – Analyst”


Proxy war in Ukraine escalates into a world war

The Ukrainian military is making more and more concessions along the front. At the same time, there are increasing voices in the EU that Europeans must arm and intervene to save the situation. Will the conflict expand into a world war?

Ukraine is losing on the front – and its Western partners have not let it down and have immediately rushed to its aid. So far, they help verbally – they make threats, frown and blow up the cheeks. They promise to send their military to Ukraine – first the French, then the British, then the Poles. Now Estonia has danced out of line and threatened to bring Russia to its knees – yes, yes, very funny. All this is, of course, a great help for the Ukrainian soldiers, who are now withdrawing near Kharkov.”


“In France, the European election campaign is also being conducted with an increased commitment to Ukraine. President Macron always makes new promises to President Zelensky that increase the risk of an escalation. Now US President Biden has distanced himself

The indications are increasing that Zelensky and Ukrainian secret services are trying to decouple themselves from the US requirements in their desperation about the situation on the front and radicalize the war on their own, with the attempt to involve Germans and the French, also at the expense of a Cuba-like global political escalation.

While France’s President Macron wants to send Western military instructors to Ukraine, the US government, on the other hand, does not plan to participate in the initiative, as the Communications Director of the National Security Council John Kirby emphasized on the sidelines of the D Day celebrations in France (World of the 8th June 2024: “Don’t want a Third World War here” – USA rejects Macron’s push).

The gap between Ukraine and the United States seems to be widening further, also militarily.”


China: “The USA wants Russia to invade Ukraine.

Clear words of the Chinese government spokeswoman Hua Chunying: The military-industrial complex wins

In a series of clear tweets, the Chinese government spokeswoman Hua Chunying comments on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

“Why doesn’t [the USA] prevent this war? They actually want Russia to invade Ukraine … First of all, the Biden administration has a clear pretext for imposing draconian sanctions that amount to a modern siege by Russia and the Russian people.

And secondly, the military-industrial complex is the one that benefits from it … He starts a new Cold War and begins to earn a lot more money.”


“Two recent facts, apparently unrelated to each other, show how much the Swiss authorities are subject to the globalist caste, to the detriment of citizens.

The first fact is the eminent and scandalous part taken by Switzerland in the sanctions against Russia, which includes aid to Ukraine, countries whose authorities and elites are ultra-corrupt and yet only the rostra conquered by the United States before the successful coup d’état by the CIA in Maidan in 2014, which must be used to weaken and, if possible, destroy Russia. It was from this territory, in fact, that Washington supported a gigantic military operation against the Russian-speaking eastern provinces. Eight years of bombing against their civilian populations have killed at least 15,000 people. If the Kiev attack, planned – but concealed – for the spring of 2022, had taken place, NATO, after “liquidation” of the Russian-speaking populations, would have installed nuclear missile bases two minutes from Moscow. The Kremlin, fortunately, warned of such an invasion by launching the special operation.”


Narrative 2. ‘Russia is at war against NATO and the West (particularly the U.S.)’

After pledging to conquer Kyiv in two days and then two weeks, Moscow is seeking explanations for the failure of its so-called “special operation.” The most basic argument is that practically the entire world is fighting against Russia. However, only Ukraine’s Armed Forces, which use advanced Western weapons provided by partner states, are fighting the Russian invaders. 

By fabricating the presence of Western forces in Ukraine and distorting the meaning of Western leaders’ words, Kremlin propaganda establishes a justification by claiming that Russian troops are battling NATO and then Putin’s regime is threatening EU states.

In Ukraine, NATO is waging a proxy war against Russia in reaction to its war of aggression contrary to international law: the military pact participates by training Ukrainian soldiers in NATO weapons, by massively delivering weapons, by providing information to the secret services and data on targets as well as by placing its own soldiers on the ground.”


After two and a half years of war against the West in Ukraine, Russia is undoubtedly on the way to a new quality. The trends preceded the “special military operation” (SVO), but they were reinforced by it. Since February 2022, the Russians have been living in a completely new reality. For the first time since 1945, the country is really at war. 

West as a society has been clouded by the aggressive propagation of LGBTQ+ values, the cancellation culture and the like. What has also changed is the view of the Western political views, the political measures and especially the politicians who have lost their former respect for most Russians. The view of the West as Russia’s hereditary enemy has regained importance: not primarily because of the Kremlin propaganda, but because of the West’s own policy, from the supply of Ukraine with weapons that kill Russian soldiers and civilians, to sanctions that are indiscriminate in many respects, to attempts to abolish Russian culture or exclude Russians from world sport.”


“”We are thus rebuilding our industry”: US Senator Mitch McConnell explains why the USA is waging war in Ukraine

This is how the words of the powerful US politician Mitch McConnell, the Republican senator, can be summed up in a TV interview”


“Ukraine between East and West: Now attacked by Russia

Ukraine is becoming a victim of geopolitical interests. NATO wanted to get closer to Russia. Since 24.2.2022, Russia has been waging a war of aggression.”


“In the United States, veteran intelligence professionals write to Joe Biden about a possible intervention by France in Ukraine. Attached is the letter below and the list of signatories of this letter. Mr. President, France would be preparing to send to..”


NATO wants to send US troops to the front line in the fight against Russia

The plan is already in place, the Daily Mail claims. The alliance is preparing for the rapid deployment of US soldiers, as it fears that Moscow is planning a major war with Europe.

The fact that the war has returned to European soil and is led by a nuclear armed power changes everything, Macron emphasized in front of an audience at the Sorbonne at the end of April.”


According to the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaja Pravda, Emmanuel Macron will officially make France’s decision to send soldiers to Ukraine on Thursday on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the landing in Normandy. Moscow was not invited to the celebrations, but the illegitimate Volodymyr Zelensky will not be missing.

Constitutionally, the legitimate power – if one can speak of legitimacy at all, since these organs emerged directly from the coup of 2014 – has been transferred to the President of the Supreme Council Rada, Ruslan Stefanchuk, for more than two weeks.

Regardless of whether they are “veterans” who have been massacring civilians in Donbass since 2015/2016, or young men who have been forcibly mobilized in recent weeks – there seems to be considerable fears of their own civilian compatriots in the Ukrainian ranks the more they live in the villages at the front.”


“If we accept the basic truth that Ukraine is nothing more than a deputy battlefield between Russia and the West, then one could say that the Third World War has already begun. So far, the rulers have been content to limit the situation to Ukraine, but a current event suggests that this will soon change. Very strange things are happening on the nuclear front between NATO and Russia, and I think it is time to consider the possibility of a false flag threat.”


“After a stay in the Ukrainian war zone, talks with soldiers and an interview with the senator of Saparoshye Dmitri Olegovich Rogosin, Thomas Röper contacts Robert Stein for a special program of Tacheles. The Russians consider the situation to be very serious, according to Thomas Röper. There is great horror that NATO soldiers are to be deployed in the war in Ukraine, and that the West has allowed weapons that can reach Russian territory.

Rogosin, when asked Röper, how he thinks about this approach of NATO, says that he has the impression that those responsible in the EU and NATO have forgotten what war means. Watching Hollywood war movies must have blinded her. Unfortunately, even the suffering Germans would have lost their self-preservation instinct.

The West is playing with fire, says Röper, Russia does not react for a long time, but at some point the red lines have been crossed, and there could be a hard reaction. Meanwhile, warfare would have changed massively due to the use of drones. Soldiers from the West are not sufficiently prepared for this and would probably no longer return from Ukraine.”


Narrative 3. ‘Ukrainians are Nazis’

The Kremlin media used traditional ‘Nazi’ disinformation to discredit all Ukrainians and justify Putin’s war of aggression; pro-Russian propagandists also demonized the Ukrainian military and government. Russian propaganda also diverts attention from the fact that it was the Putin regime that started the aggressive and neocolonial war against a sovereign state, in violation of international law.

“Ukraine cannot win this war in the terms that the Ukrainian leaders have stated.

The current Ukrainian government is the result of a coup in 2014 that deposed an elected president. The regions that had separated from Ukraine, but which Ukraine claims, did not have the right to vote. The current government is dictatorial and corrupt.

Moreover, in Western Ukraine, there is a very powerful, militarized neo-Nazi movement, which is one of the main sources of irritation for Russia. To deny this is simply to deny the facts.”


“Their alleged ignorance and blindness in the face of the terrorist acts carried out by the Kiev regime and its accomplices testify to the fact that they undoubtedly represent (I am talking about the collective West) the world war party. The conference announced in Switzerland has nothing to do with peace. It is simply an attempt to bring together a number of countries to try to legitimize Western discourses and approaches and, without a doubt, to legitimize the figure of Vladimir Zelenski, as well as his regime and all his monstrous, extremist and terrorist acts.

But the fact is that the neo-Nazi essence of the Kiev regime is not only manifested in symbols, greetings and tattoos.”

(quote of Maria Zakharova)


“Today it is clear: The USA and the fascists have brought about the change of power in Kiev. Some media do not take note of it.”


“These representations came to the conclusion that weeks of demonstrations against a corrupt but democratically elected government degerated into a violent coup, which was actively supported by the USA and in which right-wing extremists played a decisive role.”


Narrative 4. ‘A threat of a nuclear war’

When the Russian leadership sees that the democratic world stands with Ukraine and respects international law, the last argument is the threat of nuclear weapons and claims that the West is trying to escalate the war. Russian officials speak out, and pro-Russian media instill fear in Europe.

Such an attack on one of the pillars of Russia’s nuclear deterrence infrastructure marks the most terrifying escalation of the conflict to date, bringing the world a little closer to the edge of thermonuclear war.

Do they [NATO] think they can continue to provoke Russia without triggering a reaction?

(quoting Russian politicians)


“As incredible as it may seem, the world is being pushed into the abyss of nuclear war by unscale and moreover unelected Western idiots.”


“as the three attacks of [Ukraine] this country on early warning radar systems in Russia pose an extreme danger. These facilities have nothing to do with the war in Ukraine, but are part of Russia’s strategic defense systems. 

The mindset of Western politicians was also discussed. What could motivate them to flirt with the use of weapons that could destroy all of humanity?” 


The Kremlin could change its nuclear doctrine. The confrontation with NATO is at a head

Russia is considering changing its nuclear doctrine as tensions with NATO increase. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rjabkov warns that Moscow could reconsider its position if the “escalating actions” of the USA and its allies make this necessary, reports Russia Today.”


“Mr. Ensel, Ukraine has on the 23rd May in the North Caucasus in Armawir and on the 26th. May in Orenburg, Siberia, parts of the Russian nuclear missile early warning system were attacked with drones. The radars serve to detect a possible first nuclear strike by NATO.” 


“But the Russian leadership and most of Russian society will find it difficult to accept that Crimea is under Western control with the naval base there. If Putin no longer sees any other way out, there is an unacceptable risk that he will use tactical nuclear weapons – first against targets in Ukraine and then also against targets of military supply in neighboring states.

The European states cannot count on the USA to intervene adequately if Russia uses tactical nuclear weapons in Europe. Rather, the USA would decide according to its own interests. A mutual nuclear war would not be in their interest.

The risk of Russia reacting to an imminent loss of Crimea with tactical nuclear weapons is borne by Europe alone.”


“US presidents “who speculate with the nuclear Armageddon”

Each of the last five US presidents has us, according to Jeffrey D. Sachs brought closer to the abyss. We urgently need leaders with a knack for peace who can steer the world into a safer future, says the US economist.

The danger of a nuclear war is currently omnipresent, the economist continues. He notes that NATO leaders are demanding Russia’s defeat while ignoring its nuclear arsenal; that Ukraine is attacking Russian early warning systems while Russia is carrying out nuclear exercises near the border;”


“The madness! The automation of nuclear war: A warning from Scott Ritter

We will destroy the whole world.

This is the American plan for a nuclear war.

The American people must wake up and understand that everything runs on fully automatic – on fully automatic.””


“Nowadays, it is almost impossible to keep up with the warmongering of the Western empire.

It is almost impossible nowadays to keep up with the warmongering of the Western empire.

In response to the frightening steps NATO has taken to allow the weapons supplied by the West to be used by Ukraine for attacks on Russian territory, Vladimir Putin warned last week that these escalations can lead to “serious consequences”.”


Narrative 5. ‘Halt support for Ukraine’

Russian propaganda media in Switzerland is actively disseminating narratives about the waste of any support to Ukraine, claiming that it would not help defeat Russia. Their primary purpose is to demonstrate Russia’s “power” while highlighting Ukraine’s weakness to undermine and reduce Ukraine’s support, and soften sanctions imposed on Russia. 

On the Ukraine crisis:

We can send all the weapons in the world and all the money there, and Russia will never be defeated militarily. It is our turn in 2023 and 2024, and you will see that Russia will begin to dictate the conditions for the settlement of this conflict …

I say it loud and clear and will do it: The war in Ukraine did not start yesterday or last year. It began in 2014, when the Ukrainian Nazis and fascists began to murder Russian citizens in Donetsk and Lugansk….

I will not support military aid for Ukraine … An immediate stop to military operations is the best solution we have for Ukraine. The EU should go from an arms supplier to a peacemaker….

There must be a kind of compromise. What do they expect the Russians to leave Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk? That’s unrealistic.””


As the defeat of Ukraine in the war is getting closer and closer, the Neocons are desperately trying to drag the USA further into the fight. Last weekend, the former top employee of the US State Department Victoria Nuland told ABC News that the USA must help enable Ukrainian missile attacks deep in Russian territory. The Biden administration has so far avoided participating in such attacks, probably because Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia will attack any institution that delivers or facilitates attacks within Russia, wherever they may be.

So if the Neocons are not stopped, they, like Nuland, will demand further attacks on Russia, more US troops in Ukraine and a further escalation. Until Russia strikes back. Then everything will be over.”


“The choice offered in the next European elections is crucial: either to let the European Union become a central component of a future post-democratic global governance, or to protect peoples from this ambition to preserve their freedoms and identities, conditions for the happiness of our diverse humanity.”


“Germany. Sahra wagenknecht of the left-wing anti-immigration party BSW uses Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

“Rather than constantly feeding the war in Ukraine with billions of taxpayers, we need the money at home to support the victims of the storms.””


“For more than 2 years, the war in Ukraine has given rise to a torrent of disinformation. Propaganda flows and prevents a real decryption of the conflict from being delivered.

Analysis of armaments, Western aid and lies about the conflict, the book returns to the real causes of the explosion of this war opened under American impetus and explains why Ukraine will not be able to win.


“On Tuesday, we reported on the alleged purchase of a five-star hotel with casino in Cyprus by the wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. According to the Turkish channel OdaTV, the buyer of the Vuni Palace was even Zelensky himself. He is said to have acquired the hotel through the company Film Heritage Inc. According to The Guardian, however, the owner of the company is Olena Zelensky.

Now the hotel denies the purchase through Film Heritage.” 


“Hungary’s head of government Orbán: “We must prevent war in Europe”

At a rally in Budapest with tens of thousands of participants, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called for an end to the war in Ukraine through a ceasefire and negotiations. He warned against an extension of the war to the whole of Europe.”


“With the planned new guarantees, the EU could be drawn even deeper into the war against Russia. “But what about the citizens who reject this war or demand negotiations?” the journalist asks.”


“The war in Ukraine will be ended “only by diplomacy” – “or by the overwhelming defeat of the understaffed, poorly trained and poorly equipped Ukrainian army.” This is what the American journalist Seymour Hersh writes in his latest text, published on Thursday.

This war could have been avoided, says the well-known investigative journalist, referring to US intelligence circles. In these, there are some, from whose point of view the USA “itself bears the responsibility for the war in Ukraine”. In his view, the key to this lies in NATO’s eastward expansion, to which the Russian leadership and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin have long drawn attention.

On the other hand, in a “amazingly theatrical” speech on the state of the nation in March, he declared the war in Ukraine an “existential crisis” in which the future of America is at stake. Biden claimed that Putin is causing chaos in Europe and will not stop after Ukraine.

Russia is in a position of strength, while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky continues to ask for far-reaching US weapons. “


“Biden panics as Russia’s victory over Ukraine is now imminent”


“The EU pays 1.5 billion euros per month to Ukraine in 2023 alone

In addition, the citizens of the EU unknowingly already produce and work massively for Kiev today.”


“German Foreign Policy: “Isolate Russia”, 

The West’s attempts to isolate Russia worldwide because of its attack on Ukraine have so far failed – on all continents except Europe and North America.

The efforts of the Western powers to isolate Russia worldwide because of its attack on Ukraine do not lead to success. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock had called on all states in the world last week before the UN General Assembly, with regard to the Russian war of aggression “now … to take a party.””


“March 15, 2023: it has been more than a year since Russia launched its offensive in Ukraine and no way out of this war, which promises to be long and painful, is yet perceptible.” 


“Today and this since the war in Ukraine, neutrality is increasingly contested but for the benefit of what, what attitude? That of taking sides without fighting, of opposing any negotiation as was the case with the Minsk agreements, and therefore of prolonging the war and sending more and more young people to be killed? I do not see how this attitude is more honorable than neutrality, which has at least the merit of promoting negotiations capable of ending a conflict. Unfortunately, Switzerland, through its Federal Council, has definitively put an end to this opportunity and we can no longer go back, the harm is done.”


‘Global conspiracy theories’

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Russian propaganda machine has been blaming Ukraine, Western countries, NATO, and the EU for the war. Moscow claims that it felt threatened by Ukraine, that it came to protect the people of Donbas, and that NATO’s eastward expansion is to blame. These claims are backed by conspiracy theories about  globalists waging war against Moscow. This way, Russia is trying to justify its invasion and shift the blame for the war to the West.

“At the World Russian Forum, foreign journalist Patrick Smith talks about the state of the media, democracy and the empire in the United States.

What are called “alternative media” is not really an alternative; alternative media tell the truth, but they cannot really break through for the good reason that they do not have the means of production and the infrastructure of traditional media.” 


“Nevertheless, “the robbery of Crimea” was an insult that Ukraine could not bear in any way. For Ukraine, the war with Russia had already begun with the pro-Western revolution of 2014 and the transition of Crimea to Russia, although this had happened practically without a single shot, and not in February two years ago.

Proof that the Tatars are close to Russia’s heart today is the fact that after the reunification of Crimea with Russia in Simferopol, the construction of the largest mosque in Crimea began. 

For Ukraine, the Russian military operation has left an incurable wound in an area that it considers its legitimate territory

the community of Ukrainians in Crimea indeed seems to be a very pro-Russian organization that openly and passionately supports the so-called special military operation and depicts the Z symbol, the Russian war symbol, on almost every front page of its magazine.”


Is National Council President Nussbaumer sabotaging democracy? Tagi cheers tax increase. Give us our daily Putin devil today. Start of the European Football Championship. EU punishes Orbán for doing better.”


Europe will have to decide: Does it want to continue US world domination? Or a multipolar world?

In the west of the continent, NATO was under the leadership of the USA in an enlargement process and took in seven new members between the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the Adriatic. The colored revolutions inspired and supported by the USA, first in Georgia and then in Ukraine, pointed to the next candidates for joining the alliance.”


“The “turn of the century” proclaimed by Chancellor Scholz to stimulate war hysteria affected almost all countries of the so-called West. Switzerland was also a victim of this mood. 

In March 2014, Crimea submitted the application for admission to the Russian Federation after a plebiscite that was clear. After a change in the constitution by the Duma, Crimea could be accepted. The USA and the EU did not accept the vote, described the process as “contrary to international law” and imposed sanctions on Russia. However, these constitute a violation of the UN Charter and are therefore in violation of international law.

For eight years after the fall of Victor Yanukovych, the civil war that began in Ukraine in 2014 continued. Despite the peace agreements ratified by all parties to the conflict Minsk I (which came about through mediation of Switzerland) and Minsk II, Ukraine ruthlessly continued the war against the two provinces of Lugansk and Donetsk. 

In February 2022, the Russian government decided to intervene militarily in this conflict. One of the reasons was that NATO promised an early admission of Ukraine and refused negotiations with Russia, not to mention that the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine was exposed to massive discrimination.”


“The Woke and Allies movement, which is sweeping France and Switzerland, after invading the USA, is extremely dangerous for our school systems and for Western thought. The sciences, mainly biology, in fact all sciences are at the stake of the worst criticism. A real demolition. Even mathematics and logic should be reviewed because they would be gendered!”


“Joe Biden, an unrepentant liar, attacks Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump”


“On the program of this edition, Volodymyr Zelensky disavows Emmanuel Macron. In recent days, the Ukrainian president has denigrated the European aid and delusions of his French counterpart… A new stinging setback.”


“Robert Malone: “We must insist on freedom, damn it!”

Impressions of the large-scale demonstration against the WHO in Geneva.

Universal monitoring, algorithmic censorship, cultural homogenization and centralized resource control: I believe that this will be a bureaucratic hell. (…)

And I am absolutely sure that censorship will not save this version of imperialism, which is currently hiding behind the word democracy, which is the wrong word for propaganda.”


“The USA uses the aid pier to test new military technology in Gaza for use in Ukraine

A new analysis by the Libertarian Institute examines how the United States unloads new anti-drone weapons over the auxiliary pier in Gaza to test the technology for use in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The USA has sent a new combat vehicle to the Gaza Strip to test the weapon for use in Ukraine. The Pentagon hopes that it will help to ward off Russian drone attacks,” reports the Libertarian Institute to the newspaper The Telegraph. The Ministry of Defense has stationed two Mobile-Low, Slow, Small-Unmanned Aircraft Integrated Defeat Systems (M-LIDS) in Gaza from May.”


“The Slovak president after surviving the assassination attempt

Robert Fico forgives the perpetrator and criticizes the continuation of the war in Ukraine

In addition, Fico is accused of being pro-Russian – against which he defends himself. In the past, the 59-year-old had taken a stand in Ukraine aid. The Slovak head of government also commented on this in his current video message. He claimed that the EU and NATO would only allow one opinion, namely “continue the war in Ukraine at all costs in order to weaken the Russian Federation.””


“Coincidence: The WHO pandemic treaty and the bird flu crisis both come at the same time

Health authorities issue very threatening warnings about the potential of an H5N1 pandemic in humans, while the WHO prepares for a vote on the global pandemic agreement at the end of this month.”


“This June 20, 2023, I come to talk about the war in Ukraine. More generally, the information war. With Jacques Baud (former Colonel of the Swiss Intelligence Services and NATO consultant), we will analyze misinformation. At stake: understand the reasons for this war and especially how to end it. Jacques has just published “Ukraine between war and peace”. Me, “Ukraine – The war of images”.

Is humanity rushing towards the 3rd World War? How to impose peace? First, by learning to spot the lies of war propaganda.

A forbidden debate? In Brussels, we had to face an impressive censorship. And in Geneva, which we thought was more independent of NATO, pressure was strong to prevent this conference. 


“France would lead a “headless duck policy” in Africa

While chaos reigns in Mayotte and New Caledonia, French overseas territories, Leslie Varenne, a journalist specializing in Africa, tells in a vitriol book that France has become radioactive in its former colonies, and that even its closest neighbors, such as Germany and Italy, prefer to distance themselves from it.”


“Vladimir Putin is Jewish, hence his sympathy for Israel! Historian and journalist Alexandre Adler died in 2023 but he leaves a book full of stunning anecdotes such as this one. Yes, hold on, Putin is none other than the son of a head of the Soviet counterintelligence Yakov Broverman, a Jewish Chekist who fell into disgrace under Stalin but protected by Yuri Andropov, future master of the Kremlin! Putin was adopted by a man from Andropov, Vladimir… Putin. To which Andropov ordered to give his name to the young Broverman. Are you following?”

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