UK election: Labor secures a landslide victory, Farage is elected for the first time

The Labor leader, Sir Keir Starmer, has declared “change begins now” after winning a landslide victory at the UK general election.

“We did it; you campaigned for it, you fought for it, you voted for it, and now that it has arrived, change begins now,” Sir Keir Starmer told his supporters, Sky News reported.

The official count of results by constituency has confirmed that Labor is winning 328 seats in the House of Commons, which is already more than the simple majority of 326 seats. The vote count is still ongoing, but exit polls predict 410 seats for the Labor Party, which would be one of the best results in the party’s history.

UK election results

  • Labor: 410 seats, 209 seats gained
  • Conservatives: 119 seats, 248 seats lost

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak conceded the defeat of his Conservative Party

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak conceded the defeat of his Conservative Party in the July 4 snap parliamentary elections. Sunak said this on Friday morning in Northallerton, his constituency.

In a speech following the announcement of the results in his constituency, where Sunak won, the British Prime Minister said that “the Labor Party has won this general election.”

“I called Keir Starmer to congratulate him on his victory. “I am now heading to London, where I will say more about today’s result before I leave the Prime Minister’s office, to which I have given my all. There’s a lot to learn and a lot to think about. And I take responsibility for our loss,” Rishi Sunak said.

Populist Farage elected for the first time

Nigel Farage’s populist Reform UK party, known for its scandalous statements about Putin’s war and Ukraine, entered the House of Commons for the first time following the early elections in the UK.

According to the confirmed results, Reform UK representatives, including its leader, won four seats. 

In his constituency of Clacton in the East of England, where a Conservative Party MP had previously served, Nigel Farage triumphed, with his Conservative rival coming in second.

This is Farage’s first successful attempt to win a seat in parliament out of a total of eight. 

Nigel Farage made a number of controversial statements about Putin’s war and Ukraine, including that it was the West that allegedly provoked a full-scale Russian invasion or that Ukraine should consider peace talks with Russia in order “not to lose all the young men.”

At the same time, he insisted that allegations of his sympathy for Vladimir Putin are a “Russian hoax” and dismissed reports of possible Russian interference in the UK election on his side.

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