Ukraine and Sweden will produce 1000 CV-90 infantry fighting vehicles for Ukrainian Army

Ukraine and Sweden have agreed to produce CV-90 infantry fighting vehicles jointly. It is planned to make one thousand infantry fighting vehicles for the Ukrainian army.

The Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine, Hanna Malyar, announced this.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon receive many more of these vehicles, as Ukraine and Sweden have agreed to produce CV-90 jointly. And the nearest goal is 1000 Swedish infantry fighting vehicles for the Ukrainian army!” Malyar wrote.

She claims that the CV-90 infantry fighting vehicle is the world’s best IFV. It is designed and manufactured in Sweden. The main advantage of this IFV is the protection of the crew (three people) and troops (up to eight people) “because no other IFV has such protection as the CV-90.”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine received CV-90s in the summer of 2023 and are already performing combat missions at the frontline. The first images of these armoured personnel carriers were taken in the Lyman sector, where the Russian invaders had been trying to break through the Ukrainian defences for several months.

“The Swedish vehicle has effective anti-tank weapons and a powerful automatic 40mm cannon that can fire at a distance of up to 3 kilometres, with a maximum range of over 12 kilometres,” said Malyar.

Ms Malyar also added that the CV-90 uses a revolutionary chassis with Formula 1 technology, where the suspension adapts to the ground. This ensures high cross-country ability, and rubber inserts in the tracks significantly reduce driving noise. Ukrainian soldiers say you can’t even hear the Swedish BMP 200 metres away.

The CV90 is powered by a 40 mm L70 cannon that can fire at a range of up to 3000 m. CV90’s armour protects the crew from large calibre weapons (up to 30 mm), artillery fragments and anti-tank weapons.

CV90 is one of the best armoured combat vehicles in service with armies of NATO member nations.

In June, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Slovakia signed a Memorandum to purchase CV90 infantry fighting vehicles. Under the Ukraine-Sweden deal, the fighting vehicles will be produced in Ukraine.

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