Ukraine received 3D printers to produce spare parts for military equipment

Ukraine has received industrial-grade 3D printers from the United States that can print spare parts for military equipment.

This was announced by William LaPlante, Assistant Secretary of Defence for Acquisition and Sustainment, Voice of America reported.

According to LaPlante, Ukrainians completed training on using these printers last week.

“It is a truck-sized printer, which Ukrainians have completed training on, and they can print all their parts on it,” the official said.

He said that the arrival of these printers “changes things completely” because they speed up the process and open up new opportunities.

“You can do amazing things with 3D printing, not just because of the speed. You can make parts you couldn’t make under normal conditions,” LaPlante said.

He said that after the start of the Russian invasion, Ukrainians began to print 3D parts on their own. LaPlante hinted that they did not have the appropriate permits, but allied countries helped Ukraine in this situation.

“You know what they say when your country is under existential attack: intellectual property laws only matter slightly. So we put it in order, along with other countries. Now they have all the technical data packages,” LaPlante said.

The Western allies’ aid helps Ukraine to repel the Russian invasion, push Russian invading troops back from the occupied territories and conduct an effective counteroffensive operation.

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