Ukraine receives two more Patriot missile launchers from Germany

The German government reported on the next tranche of military aid to Ukraine over the past week, including two Patriot air defence missile launchers.

The press service of the German government reported this.

Patriot anti-missile systems help Ukrainian air defences to effectively shoot down Russian missiles used by the Putin regime to attack Ukrainian cities. In particular, the Ukrainian military used Patriot to shoot down Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missiles near Kyiv.

Ukraine needs more modern Western air defence systems to better protect entire country, particularly the port infrastructure in Odesa and the Odesa region.

In addition to the Patriot launchers, Ukraine received 6,525 155mm smoke munitions, 10 BV206 all-terrain tracked vehicles, five border guard vehicles, and four VECTOR reconnaissance drones from Germany.

The report also mentions explosive ordnance disposal materials, over 1,000 binoculars and 20,000 safety glasses, six 8×8 HX81 tractor trailers and five semi-trailers, two 8×6 truck tractors with containers, and 40,000 first aid kits.

Germany handed over a Patriot air defence system with missiles to Ukraine in April 2023. The system includes a radar, a command post, and up to eight launchers for four missiles each.

In addition, Ukraine also received another Patriot system from the United States and additional launchers from the Netherlands.

Raytheon Technologies, the Patriot air defence system manufacturer, plans to increase production and transfer additional systems to Ukraine significantly.

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