Ukraine unveiled its drone “Beaver” that attacked Moscow

Serhiy Prytula and Serhiy Sternenko, two Ukrainian volunteers collecting supplies for the army, displayed Ukrainian-made kamikaze drones that are used to target key Moscow locations.

Standing in front of the drones, they called on Moscow residents to hide in bomb shelters and observe while the drones attacked strategic targets.

Ukrainian Army of Drones

The drone, presented under the name “Beaver,” can be seen in the published photos. The drone and internal combustion engine in the pictures are similar to drones that Moscow citizens filmed during attacks.

On July 25, a drone event in Kyiv honouring the first anniversary of the creation of the Ukrainian Army of Drones included public images of the drone.

At the official forum in 2023, Ukrainian-made Beaver and UJ-22 airborne drones will be on display.

Ukrainian-made drone has a range of 800 km

The Ukrainian-made drone has a range of 800 kilometres. They have so far only reached Moscow, which is located roughly 450 km from the Ukrainian border.

The unveiled drone is already in use and being built in significant amounts. Still, Ukraine concentrates on increasing production so that its long-range attacks have a substantial impact on the war with Russia.

According to Mr Prytula, money raised from Ukrainians during one of his fundraising initiatives, “For Revenge”. It was launched in response to one of the significant Russian missile attacks on Kyiv, was partly used to pay for drones.

According to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, UAH 40 billion (roughly 1 billion euros) would be invested in domestic drone production in Ukraine in 2023.

Drone attacks in the centre of Moscow

Explosions hit the centre of Moscow on July 30. Russian authorities reported drone attacks and air defence operations. A drone hit a tower in the Moscow City business centre. People were evacuated from the buildings of the Moscow City complex. Glass from the first to the fourth floors of the Oko-2 tower was smashed.

Commenting on the attacks, Yuriy Ignat, a spokesman for Ukrainian Air Force, said: “It will no longer be calm in Russia, neither in the provinces nor in the capital. Today’s drone crash near the Moscow City business centre is proof of that. The Russians got what they wanted”, he stressed.

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