Ukraine to receive 60 Gepard systems from Jordan bought by the US

The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported that Ukraine may soon receive 60 Gepard self-propelled air defense systems, which the United States bought from Jordan.

Ukraine will receive Gepards that the Netherlands sold to Jordan in 2013

The Netherlands sold these German-made systems to Jordan in 2013, receiving 21 million euros for the deal. The Dutch Army sold the last 60th unit in 2016.

The United States has now decided to buy 60 tracked syst from Jordan for 110 million euros to deliver to Ukraine. According to the publication, Ukraine can expect the first units soon.

The Ukrainian army is actively using the Armed Forces to shoot down Russian drones. This helps save expensive ammunition for air defense systems such as Patriot and IRIS-T, which focus on anti-missile defense. 

Gepard air-defence cannon has been highly efficient in taking down Russian drones

Gepard air-defence cannon has been highly efficient in taking down Russian drones. Built on the chassis of a Leopard 1 tank, Gepard is capable of speeds up to 40 mph, with a range of 340 miles.

Gepard carries 320 rounds for each cannon; both can fire 550 rounds a minute. The German government provided Ukraine with 34 Gepards with plans to deliver up to 50.

$118 million for Gepard anti-aircraft systems for Ukraine

In early summer, it was reported that the American company Global Military Products had received a contract from the US Department of Defense for more than $118 million to purchase and supply Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft systems for Ukraine.

The deal would be executed in Amman, Jordan, with an estimated completion date of May 30, 2024, the Dutch media reported.

Germany has already handed over 49 Gepard systems to Ukraine, according to the German Defense Ministry.

Ukraine needs more air defense systems to protect its sky from Russian air attacks

In October, Germany supplied Ukraine with a second Patriot air-defence system and additional Gepards, while Spane sent six additional Hawk air-defence systems to help shield the critical energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

In autumn 2022, Russia launched the largest missile barrage to target Ukraine’s power grid since early spring, leaving parts of five regions, including the one around the capital, without electricity.

Modern and powerful Western air defence systems help Ukraine shoot down more Russian missiles and war drones. But if ammunition runs out, Russian warplanes and cruise missiles could pose a major threat to Ukraine’s energy sector again. There is little time left.

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