Ukrainian army received first Scythe drones with a flight range of 750 km

The Ukrainian Army received new AQ 400 Scythe drones with a flight range of 750 km and a payload of up to 32 kg.

The company manufacturer can produce 100 Scythe long-range drones per month for the Ukrainian Army to help it in the war with the Russian invading forces.

Ukrainian army received first batch of AQ 400 Scythe drones

The Ukrainian military has received the first batch of brand-new AQ 400 Scythe unmanned aerial vehicles. Terminal Autonomy, formerly known as One Way Aerospace, has completed a procurement to simplify the battle deployment of their AQ 400 Scythe system.

According to an official release, this milestone marks a significant breakthrough in the area of strategic warfare capabilities for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with an initial manufacturing capacity of 100 units and ambitious plans to build up to 500 units monthly.

Scythe drones: flight range of 750 km, a payload of 32 kg

The AQ 400 Scythe is a long-range (750km) drone designed for launch from small airstrips or catapults, with a payload capacity of up to 32 kilograms. The playload is expandable to 70 kg by reducing the range.

The Scythe drone’s distinctive features include rapid assembly, mass production capability, and cost-effectiveness, establishing it as a critical tool in modern combat.

Terminal Autonomy announced the first batch of AQ 400 Scythe drones. On their LinkedIn account, they even published the UAVs photos.

AQ 400 Scythe drone: a concept of low-cost, long-range and powerful kamikaze drone

In its AQ 400 Scythe drone, Terminal Autonomy has succeeded in realizing the concept of a low-cost, mass-produced, and accessible means of defeat.

Terminal Autonomy has intentionally developed drone kamikaze manufacturing through a network of smaller factories and engineering businesses experienced in creating similar platforms.

While the company sources some components outside of Ukraine, particularly from Germany and the United Kingdom, the initiative promotes localization of production within Ukraine’s borders.

Terminal Autonomy to increase production capacity to 500 Scythe drones monthly

The company plans to increase production capacity to 500 UAVs per month, up from the current capability of producing up to 100 of these drones. The cruising speed of the AQ 400 Scythe is 144 km/h.

Reports indicate that nine other drones can accompany the main UAV to the target area using its “swarm” function.

Cost-efficient long-range drone for Ukraine

The cost of one such drone is 15 thousand dollars.

The development of the AQ 400 Scythe represents a historic breakthrough in military technology, leveraging the prowess of unmanned systems to deliver strategic advantages on the battlefield.

The system’s streamlined production process and emphasis on cost-efficiency demonstrate Terminal Autonomy’s dedication to providing cutting-edge capabilities while guaranteeing a strategic, localized production footprint.

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