Ukrainian HIMARS strike kills dozens of Russian troops on Dzharylhach Island

The Ukrainian Armed Forces used HIMARS to strike Russian military positions on Dzharylhach Island. According to the Ukrainian side, 5 HIMARS missile strikes killed at least 50 Russian invading troops.

A Ukrainian drone spotted Russian equipment and units on the island and passed the information to an artillery unit.

The Russian infantry started to line up on the island and probably planned to conduct training. The Russians split into five separate groups. The Ukrainian artillery promptly launched high-precision strikes.

After HIMARS missiles struck Russian units on Dzharylhach Island in the Kherson region, the Russian occupiers brought about 65 wounded soldiers to the Skadovsk Central City Hospital, according to the Center for Investigative Journalism.

They also report that the Russian occupation authorities in Skadovsk have banned disseminating information about their losses and are bringing doctors from the Russian Federation.

HIMARS missiles allow the Ukrainian Army to destroy critical Russian positions at a range of 70 km.

In the second phase of its counteroffensive, the Ukrainian Army focused on destroying Russian bases, training grounds, warehouses, ammunition depots, and supply routes.

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