One more Russian PsyOps revealed, it targets Ukrainian soldiers

A video made by Russian PsyOps appeared in the media a few weeks ago. It aimed to demoralise the Ukrainian military taking part in the counteroffensive. 

In this video, a soldier with a Ukrainian insignia on his uniform is shown falling from a hit by a sniper’s bullet. A voice-over addresses him, recounting Russian propaganda narratives about forced mobilisation and corruption in Ukraine.

At the end of the video, the soldier who was initially killed is offered a chance to survive by surrendering as a prisoner of war. 

Russian propaganda channels actively spread this video. 

However, Ukrainian activists quickly reacted to the production of Russian war propaganda. They turned it against the Russians changing the Ukrainian flag to the Russian on the soldier’s uniform and translated the text into Russian so it would be understood by Russian soldiers.

At the end of the video, the voice-over offers the soldier with the Russian insignia, who was initially killed, the opportunity to surrender as a prisoner of war.

Importantly, Ukrainians offer Russian soldiers their real initiative called “I Want to Live.” This is a governmental hotline that Russian soldiers can call to surrender as prisoners of war in Ukraine and save their lives.

According to Ukrainian authorities, more than 10,000 Russians have already surrendered using this hotline.

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