US Gen. Milley: “If Putin wins, you would be doubling your defence budget”

US General Milley stated that if the US stops backing Ukraine and Russia wins, US defence expenses will skyrocket, and the US could be drawn into a major conflict.

General Mark Milley, who recently completed a four-year term as chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told CBS News 60 Minutes that if Russia wins in Ukraine, the US will have to increase defence spending in the coming years significantly.

“General Mark Milley: If Ukraine loses and Putin wins, I think you would be certainly increasing if not doubling your defence budget in the years ahead. And you will increase the probability of a great power war in the next 10 to 15 years. I think it would be a very dangerous situation if Putin’s allowed to win.”

US General Mark Milley

According to Milley, a Russian victory increases the likelihood of the US being drawn into another major war within the next 10-15 years.

General Mark Milley also commented on Ukraine’s months-long counteroffensive, saying that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is still ongoing and development is slow but steady, noting that Ukrainians are improving.

When asked how long the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict will last, Milley responded: “You can’t put a time limit on it. However, it will take a significant amount of time. And it’s going to be long, hard, and bloody.” 

According to CBS News, the current frontline in Ukraine stretches roughly the same distance as the one from Atlanta to Washington, DC.

In explaining why the US should help Ukraine’s war effort, Milley stated that if Russia wins, the US will face an “increasing, if not doubling,” of its defence expenditure in the coming years, as well as an increased likelihood of becoming involved in a war in the future.

On September 30, the US Congress passed legislation to avoid a federal government shutdown, but the agreement did not include approval of Ukraine funding.

The US Presidential Administration is considering asking Congress to approve a “large aid package” to Ukraine, which could amount to up to $100 billion, allowing for guaranteed funding in case of political turbulence in the US.

This was reported by the British newspaper The Telegraph. According to the media, the White House plans to ask Congress to allocate the most significant funding package in history for weapons and humanitarian aid to Ukraine because of fears that constant disputes over spending could harm Biden in the 2024 elections.

This will avoid further debate in the US Congress over approving aid spending for Ukraine over the next year.

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