US may provide Ukraine with ATACMS in upcoming aid package

Soon, the US may decide to give Ukraine ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles.

According to sources reported by ABC News, the missiles could be a part of the upcoming US military aid package. 

The transfer of other long-range ATACMS missiles, which have twice the range of GLSDBs (300 km), is still relevant. According to Laura Cooper, Deputy Pentagon Advisor for Ukraine, Russia and Eurasia, the United States was unable to find “free” ATACMS for the Armed Forces.

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How can ATACMS help Ukraine in counteroffensive 

Ukraine has long asked for a supply of ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles from the US, which can reach targets up to 300 km away. With the use of these missiles, the armed forces will be able to strike deep within the temporarily seized Russian territories.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine may use ATACMS missiles from HIMARS and M270 launchers, which are already in use and actively used to defeat Russian occupiers.

The United States was reportedly on the verge of deciding to give Ukraine ATACMS missiles, according to media reports from late June.

The Joe Biden administration previously claimed that the unavailability of these missiles at the Pentagon prevented it from supplying Ukraine with them.

The ATACMS capabilities 

The US Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) is made to attack precise ground targets such as command centres, missile launchers, air defence systems, communication centres, and warehouses that are tucked away deep into an adversary’s fortifications.

The M270 and M142 self-propelled tracked systems on a wheeled chassis are used to fire the missiles. Depending on the modification, the system consists of an MGM-140B tactical ballistic missile with a maximum launch range of around 300 km.

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