1000 candles for Ukraine in Lyon: “For the victory of light over darkness”

“1000 candles for Ukraine” and “For the victory of light over darkness, let’s all support Ukrainians.” A rally under these slogans was held in Lyon, France on Sunday, to support Ukraine and honor the fallen Ukrainians defending themselves from Russia’s invasion and war of aggression. 

Over a hundred participants came to the rally on the central square Bellecour, just days before the famous Festival of Lights in Lyon kicks off this year. The Ukrainian diaspora, local activists, and the association “Committee Ukraine 33” have organized the event. 

Commemoration of the Holodomor victims in Lyon

Last weekend, more than a hundred people came to honor the memory of the Holodomor victims in Lyon, France. On Poncet Square, in the city center, near the Memorial to the victims of genocides, candles were lit to commemorate the victims of the Holodomor.

The event was attended by Sonia Zdorovtsoff, Deputy Mayor of Lyon for International Relations, Cooperation, and Solidarity, and representatives of the Consulates of Poland, Lithuania, and Estonia.

The event was attended by many Ukrainian refugees who found shelter in France, particularly in Lyon, after Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine. The Ukrainians who died in the war with Russia were commemorated at the event. In their speech, the event organizers drew parallels between the Genocide of 1932-33 and the genocidal policy of Moscow in the current war.

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Festival of Lights 2022 in Lyon

The Festival of Lights (French: Fête des lumières) in Lyon is a popular event displaying light shows and installations around December 8 of each year. This celebration was aimed initially at expressing gratitude toward Mary, the mother of Jesus.

The Festival of Lights is a celebrated international event known for its inspiring light installations that transform the city for four magnificent evenings, reviving a long-standing custom that dates back to 1852.

The Renaissance facades and majestic city buildings are magically illuminated during the festival. With the artists’ creations, Lyon’s beautiful buildings serve as the backdrop for massive, magical light installations.

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