A group of Russian spies preparing sabotage and monitoring the supply of weapons to Ukraine has been exposed in Poland.

Six Russian spies have been detained in Poland. According to investigators, their task was to prepare sabotage and monitor railways in areas where Western weapons are being transported to Ukraine.

This is reported by the Polish media agency RMF24, citing its sources in the Polish Internal Security Agency (ISA). It is also noted that a source in the Polish security agencies confirmed this information to the BBC’s correspondent in Warsaw, Adam Easton.

Also, the Ministry of the Interior of Poland has already scheduled a press conference of Minister Mariusz Kaminski on this issue, which is scheduled for next week.

According to RMF24, the citizenship of the detainees is not specified, but all six are “foreigners from the eastern border” of Poland who worked for Russian special services.

They were exposed after hidden cameras were found on important railroad tracks and junctions that recorded train traffic and transmitted information to the network. In total, according to journalists, there were several dozen such cameras.

“It’s mainly about sections of rail routes in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship – including near the airport in Jasionka, near Rzeszow. It is a major transit point for Western weapons and ammunition for Ukraine,” the article says.

The airport is protected by American Patriot missile defense systems.

Thus, the Russians could learn about the start of the movement of weapons to Ukraine.

Russia has been consistently trying to attack the supply routes of Western weapons to Ukraine, including the railroad infrastructure.

All law enforcement agencies in Poland have been put on high alert, the report said. In particular, they have strengthened the protection of railways and critical infrastructure.

Photo: Kacper Pempel (Reuters)

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